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Posted on 13.06.2011


I’ve spent the weeks between Japan and today being kind of irresponsible with my health. I’ve been training, but not as hard as I could be, because I’ve been playing the make-up game at work. And I’ve been eating more than usual, because I haven’t been paying attention to the difference between ‘mouth hungry’ and ‘really hungry’ (they are very different).

I’ll be catching up again, and I know that this is what I signed on for, having an awesome summer full of great plans and all, but I am really feeling the need to get back into things. I had wanted to start today, since I had the day off from work and not a lot planned, but as it turns out I spent the whole day chained to the computer, editing photos and making posters for the dojo. I got some great ideas for flyers, too, that I’m really excited about, but I didn’t have the time or the inclination to really do anything aside from 5 minutes’ worth of some of the warm-ups we did at the seminar over the weekend (which was intense for little me who’s been out of it!).

So, again, as I did last time I got back to ‘normal’, I’m planning to get back to something kind of like a normal routine starting tomorrow. The only small hindrance to my plan is that we’ve got a fridge full of leftovers that I’d prefer not to waste, so the über-healthy eating won’t come until next week at the earliest, but I’ll make sure to be as moderate as I possibly can be with the options we’ve got until then.

I’m excited about tomorrow, I’ve only got two classes in the morning and I’ll be done at noon, so I can get home and ride my bike and start back up with the hundred push-ups challenge (which I’ve been slacking on since going to Japan). I did the ‘push-ups test’ tonight and I’m firmly in the strong category and planning to start a week behind, at week 2. I’m also going to try to work those seminar plyometric warm-ups into my daily routine since they can be done anywhere… They are things I used to have to do every day when I played school soccer (for like 17 years), but my body isn’t that body anymore and when I did them over the weekend, it was fucking grueling. It being summer, I think I might take a soccer ball down to the fields by my house and train in the grass, just dribbling and doing the plyos.

I’m excited to get back to working out again. I know it sounds funny, but I can FEEL the difference in my personality when I haven’t been working out, I get really lazy and start to feel pretty negative, emotionally. Thankfully I did a lot of walking with Kristi over the past 10 days, so that was enough to keep me happy. I love walking. It helps! I still need to go and pick up a good pair of running shoes, though. Sigh. I might be biking if my pumas can’t handle it!!

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