How to be green this week:)

Posted on 08.06.2011


This post should come as no surprise to anyone that’s ever taken an environmental science class. I say that because I’d imagine that ALL envirosci teachers are much like mine was: long-haired freaky people who like Phish or the Dead and to plant trees as class field trips. Amirite?

So the one thing Jerry always told us to do was to re-use. And this is today’s note: re-use shit.

Repurpose it, re-use it, wash it, etc. Today I’ll make a mention to the plastic bags and plastic containers that we get from the grocery store. I already mentioned in a previous post that we should re-use those plastic bags until they break and are good for nothing other than to roll into a ball and give to the cat to chase around… but the same can be done for the cheap-ass container that your pre-mixed potato salad comes in.

Wash it, store your open can of corn or sour cream in it, rinse and repeat. Use those things until the lids break and then use them as starters for seeds (they’re perfect because they’re usually clear, thus allowing more sunlight to hit the seeds and dirt). They’re also good storage for jewelry that you don’t want to turn green or dust too often: put the stuff in these containers and stack them as you would clear boxes of shoes in your closet. That’s how I roll.

All of my pretties, all on display.

Be green. <3.

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