if this horoscope wasn’t written for me…

Posted on 25.05.2011


Rob Brezsney said this to Scorpios this week:
Postsecret.com is a website where people can anonymously reveal their deep, dark feelings. I came across one entry that I think would be perfect for you to use as your own in the coming weeks. “I don’t want to cover
up my scar,” it read. “It’s a good conversation starter and it makes me look bad-ass. But thank you anyway!”
To further inspire what I hope will be your fearless effort to claim the power inherent in your wounds, I
also offer this spur from musician and author Henry Rollins: “Scar tissue is stronger than regular tissue.
Realize the strength, move on.”

I think Rob has been visiting me. Or something. This is pretty insane.

Thankfully for all those involved, I came to grips with how badass my scars are a few years ago. They really are a good conversation starter. And they also made me a lot of tips, when I was a waitress wearing low-cut tops and people would try to start the WRONG conversations with me about them, assuming they were hickeys!

I don’t want to hide my scars, they are a sign that I am strong, and that I survived. What the hell CAN kill me, if those past afflictions couldn’t?

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