Almost-Half-Year re-goaling

Posted on 22.05.2011


So it’s almost June, and there are a few new year’s goals that I’ve been failing on as of late. In case you missed them, HERE’S the original post from January with all of my lofty dreams listed within.

I’ve definitely got the reading thing DOWN.

I’m still making up my mind about the TESOL, but based on my recent trip to Japan and the information I received there, I think the TESOL is going to happen. I might put that on the list of New Year’s Goals for 2012. Or at least, the starting of it. I have a few more weeks to make up my mind about it still, but I think it’s definitely required as of now.

I’ve seen more of Germany, and will still see more of it in the coming months! So, that’s fine.

I haven’t been actively seeking places to show my work, but I’m ok with that.

I’ve been cooking a ton, but no longer feel the need to make my own cookbook.

The every-day-fitness thing: I’ve been slacking. Yes, I’m walking more, but when my running shoes turned out to be shot, it was hard to switch right over to biking. And now that it’s summer, I have to either do it in the mornings or evenings, so I don’t overheat… and that’s a bit difficult.

This goal is actually my reason for writing, because I was doing really well in the beginning of the  year, but have since fallen into that dreaded ‘resolutioners’ category that I used to loathe at the gym. So I’m writing, tonight, to reaffirm that goal and to promise myself that I’ll work harder at it. Japan was a real eye-opener: I am prefectly capable of training for 2 hours each day, as long as I can regulate my body temperature. And on top of those two hours each day, I was able to run around Noda on a bike for no less that 45 minutes a pop.

And then Mario went and posted this as his status today: “Even if you are too busy with everyday affairs to do keiko, you can still improve your budo by improving your mind. Any work that is well done will improve your budo by strengthening your spirit!” And yeah, he’s totally right. After reading this and having been thinking about my lack of physical training in the last few days, it hit me that I don’t necessarily have to be out running a 5k every day (and I certainly won’t be doing that in the summer months), but I can at least be home, working on Shiho Giri or reading my articles. I mean, I have everything right there in front of me, I just really need to make the time.

It’s really hard to come home after a long day and to keep going. I’m not in college anymore, and that is something I am definitely happy about (why in the hell am I planning to go back?!), but I need to be able to do more than just lay on the couch, exhausted, after a day of teaching. I need to be using those two to three dead hours in my days to be training before I leave, if I can, or doing some mental training out on the streets if I can’t get home. Wherever I am, there is something I can be doing. And although I made the decision in January to not regimen myself into any one kind of workout, I think it’s a safe bet that my training is either going to be Budo, Yoga, walking, biking, or the hundred pushups challenge. These are all I can fit in, all I can do, and honestly, they’re all I want to do, too (except for swimming, which is fun but hard to work into the day).

I made the decision a while back after talking with Jeanan that I would work as much as possible when I could in order to have more time off, get paid more, and be able to pay everything down. And I’m planning to do that. It’s almost June and I haven’t used a DAY of my vacation time yet. Which will equal a nice extra paycheck come Xmas. I’m looking forward to that! But with this in mind, I need to constantly remind myself that I need to keep going, as everyone says, and to just make it through. An hour of reading articles won’t kill me. An hour of Kihon Toho isn’t even high energy. It doesn’t have to be.

And I’m still young. I’m healthy enough. I have no hindrance in my motion (currently). There’s no reason to NOT be pushing the limits, just a little, in order to keep myself in shape. So I’m making this goal again, tonight, in hopes of starting fresh tomorrow. I’ve done well this weekend, I did Yoga yesterday and then spent today walking uphill through a nice park. Tomorrow is Budo, and Tuesday, well, something will be done.

Further, last and certainly not least, I need to re-quit biting my nails. What started back up as my nervous, reading-induced chomping has turned into full-blown disgusting,  painful stubs. And I hate it. And I need to really, really focus on stopping. Again. It’s been about 6 months. I want to wear fun nail polish again!!!