Throwback Thursday: No More Love

Posted on 19.05.2011


Of course, this happens to be the ONE SONG I can’t find on the internet anywhere, thanks to Sony Music’s stranglehold on the international licenses. I truly hope this song plays in the player. I’m happy it even showed up.

So back in like ’94, I was going to some lock-in’s and live local shows because some friends and their older brothers were in bands. I still don’t remember how the EP came to me, but I was handed or acquired for a very reasonable price (read: free) this new EP by a band of guys from Pennsylvania: our boxy, northern and sometimes Amish ally.

I think the band was touring the tri-state area at the time, but I definitely never saw them live.

This song was IT. It was THE song. It was THE introduction to what I considered Industrial music at the time, even though the band preferred to be considered techno or even pop. It was the song that bridged the gap between dance music that I had grown to love with the newer, darker lyrics and heavy beats that I was getting more interested in.

Hey, remember when techno was really techno? I remember house when house was house 😉 I love that song.

Anyway. This EP played nonstop in my little discman wherever I went.

It came to the beach with me, it came to parties with me, and it of COURSE made it onto all of my mix tapes that I gave to people, back before the age of playlists and iTunes. It was also the first song I played for people when they asked what kind of music I liked (followed of course by Garbage and then the Cure IN THAT ORDER).

It was like my hipster street cred, pre-hipsters: no one around me knew about the GLU until at least ’98 when Life in the So Called Space Age came out. I was like, ‘yeah whatever kids, where were you when they were rocking FOUR YEARS AGO?!?!?’ I was 17 at the time. Possibly 16, depending on the month. hahha. Who would have guessed I’d end up at art school, scoffing at everything that came later with that in my dossier, right?

Sadly, David Reilly, the lead singer with the awesome voice died in his sleep a few years ago after the band’s breakup.

Thanks for the memories, man. And thanks for being a semi-local band. And thanks for the great songs. Even if only one of your albums made it to billboard, you’ve got a loyal fan in me that owns all of them.


I can see, see the signs

I’ve been waiting here for you but nothing’s getting though

I am gone up in the clouds

praying I can turn, turn myself around

a year ago, I gave it a year

I hoped it wouldn’t happen, now it’s here

took so long, I can’t carry on

I know the reason that you left me, you had nothing more to give me

no more love

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