Keep going. Don’t rush.

Posted on 12.05.2011


I’m here, in Japan, and that’s the decision that I’ve been making for about two days. It started with the Claes sculpture. It was, of course, on the initial list of things that were HIGH PRIORITY when we discussed what we wanted to do while were here.

Then it became evident that the Claes sculpture was the farthest thing from our location and would take a large chunk of travel time to reach. So I said, ‘it’s ok. I don’t think the sculpture will go anywhere in the next year. If we don’t or can’t get to it before Sunday, I’ll see it next time’.

Then came today. We’d planned to go into Tokyo today after training to do some sightseeing, but it was pretty obvious that none of us were looking forward to the 1.5+ hours of travel time we’d need (each way) to get in and out of the city. Finally, one of us said it: let’s just stay around here today and try to relax.

Because, while going into Tokyo and spending time would be really fun, it would end up being pretty rushed, which is not fun. Also because I don’t know Noda so well, I’d like to get to know THIS town, where I’ll always be sleeping when I come to train, first. Just in case I don’t come back with these people next time. I’ve been at their mercy all week, as I’m the only one who’s here for the first time.

I really want to see Tokyo, but I want to give Tokyo the time it deserves. Going in and out for an hour here and there is a huge waste of both time and money. Barring some amazing natural disaster, I’m pretty certain it’ll still be here next year when I get back. And regardless of its condition, I’ll be able to see it then.

I’m supposed to be on some sort of vacation. I arrive back in Germany on Monday morning and jump right into teaching on Monday night. I can’t afford to run myself ragged while I’m here; it’s just not a good idea. We’re training EVERY DAY while I’m here, so I’m already ready to sleep by the time we’ve finished training and showered in the afternoons.

So, not so much sightseeing in Tokyo this time. I’ll do and see it all next trip, or I’ll make a separate trip JUST to see (and stay in) Tokyo. I’ve got time. We’ve all got time.

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