Collective unconscious, or just too good NOT to think of?

Posted on 01.05.2011


I’ve been out of bed for maybe 15 minutes. I made sure to sleep in this morning, and when I got up I made myself a bowl of cereal (with chocolate milk and bananas, YES) and sat down to read Post Secret, like I do EVERY Sunday.

The secrets were interesting as usual, but what got me came at the bottom: Frank noted in the FB window at the bottom of the page that the Post Secret mobile app would be coming soon.

Wait, WHAT? I tried to contact Frank almost THREE YEARS AGO to tell him this idea, and he never got back to me, and now this is coming? How did that happen? When I tried to contact him (repeatedly), I said NOTHING of what my idea was, just that I had a great idea that would make the charity of his choice a LOAD of donation money.

So… was this Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious in action, or was it an idea that was just TOO good not to come up with? I know I’m not the only person whose life was saved by Post Secret, there is no way I could be the only person to have thought of this.

Here’s what I hope for the app that is coming:

~ I hope they charge at least $2.99 for it. Because as of right now, there are just short of a million people on FACEBOOK alone that ‘like’ Post Secret. If only each of the FB users buys this app (assuming they have a smart phone of some sort), then that is nearly $3 million dollars. That’s enough to pay the app developers, Frank himself, and still make a hefty donation to Frank’s charity or charities of choice.

~ I hope that you can choose to make a donation from your mobile device, whenever you want to. Not just once when you buy the app, but whenever you feel like it, there should be an option to make a donation to a host of charities connected to the project.

~ I hope that it comes with a searchable library of every post secret ever posted on the weblog. This could have been what took three years, assuming they’ve been working on the app for as long as I’ve had the idea in my head. It should be searchable by country/state/postal code, but also by topic: marriage, life, parenthood, divorce, affairs, etc.

~ I hope that it comes with access to the online PS community, and an ability to ‘like’ or save your favorites in your own personal mobile library.

~ I hope it comes with a rating system, much like TFLN has. What I mean by this is that it would be interesting to see what all of the other users think. Until now, we’ve only been privy to comments from users on FB when Frank posts an image there, or to the carefully selected email responses that Frank posts throughout the week on the weblog. If it were just ratings, that wouldn’t be too difficult, and would allow users to see a ‘top secrets’ page of the most highly rated secrets. If it included comments, then that could be a bad idea, as anyone who reads TFLN could imagine, because the comments section on any article/weblog, when unchecked, quickly devolves into ‘ur dumb’, ‘no, UR dumb’ conversation and would definitely be infiltrated by idiots and/or religious fanatics, trying to get ‘the word’ heard by anyone reading.


Those are my suggestions and hopes for the mobile app. What do you hope it comes with? I’ll definitely pay $2.99 for it. One thing is certain: all of those other ‘great ideas’ that I’ve failed to act on? I’m going to get to all of them, this year. Stop thinking, start doing…