Throwback Thursday: Living in a Material World

Posted on 28.04.2011


You can watch the video HERE since embedding in disabled.

You know what, mom and dad? Don’t even QUESTION how I ‘turned out this way’ when this is the first CD you went out and bought for me. I was like 6. And I begged for it. And then I cut off the fingers from all of my gloves, put on my mini skirts and rolled up my tank tops so they looked like bras and danced around the house when you brought it home. With lace barrettes in my hair.

Like there was ever a chance for me, nay, ANY OF US born in 1981, to turn out differently. I was quickly rocketed from there into what my parents affectionately referred to as ‘boy crazy’ mode. Before Shirley taught me how to break hearts and drink tears, Madonna was there using her sex as a weapon and accepting expensive gifts that she wasn’t interested. Oh yeah, and ALL of us learned the word ‘virgin’ from her. In the single-digit age bracket.

Madonna was awesome (she’s still pretty badass, all public hijinks aside) on so many levels: she wore cool stuff, was ‘controversial’ even to a 6-year old, had a great voice, had cool music videos and she looked JUST like my Aunt Cookie. (Yes, I have an aunt named Cookie and no, that’s not her real name). Aunt Cookie let me have a pair of her scrunchy ankle boots with stiletto heels and pointed toes that same year, and even though they were far too big for me, I wore them all over the house. They were JUST like the boots Madonna was wearing in the pictures. And I felt AWESOME. I kind of wish I would have kept them, they would have been SO in fashion last year…

The year that I got the CD, I was in the first grade and actually choreographed a dance routine to this song for me, my first grade boyfriend, my neighbor and my sister to perform in the Hickory Elementary talent show. We (our parents) bought matching dayglo spandex outfits and it was my boyfriend’s job to walk around the stage doing the robot and lip-synching the male voice parts. We were denied, crushing my dreams of one day growing up to be Madonna. I did still randomly choreograph other dances to other songs, though, as I got older. My last attempt was Bobby Brown’s My Prerogative.

I can’t even make this stuff up.

I loved this song before I understood the double entendres of the lyrics. I think it’s appropriate and somewhat ironic that years later, I became a financial counselor (with a degree in fine art: I’m really good with other people’s money). It’s actually turned into an autobiographical song of sorts, and I can’t imagine my life without ever having heard it. It’s still a favorite of mine in Karaoke bars, even though I’ve long since forgotten the dance moves.

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