Not Quite Front Row Footage: Xavier Naidoo, 6 Aug 2010, Würzburg Fortress

Posted on 28.04.2011


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Back in 2009 or early 2010, our friend Marco called me while René was on business and asked if we wanted to go with them in August to see a concert at the Fortress. He told me the name, I said ‘the guy from Sohne Mannheims?’ and he said yes. I said, ‘does René like him?’, to which Marco said ‘I think so’.

And that is how we got tickets to see Xavier in an ‘open air’ (read: outdoors) concert at the Fortress. For those of you NOT familiar with Würzburg, it is a city with both a castle AND a fortress. The castle is located in the center of the city at ground level (so the prince bishop could be closer to his personal Church, the Dom). It’s called ‘the Residenz’. The fortress is up on the hill overlooking the city and the surrounding wine hills (on all sides, literally). There was something like a Renn fest there last weekend which was equally awesome.

No one really knew HOW there could be a concert at the fortress, since it’s on a hill and all, but it worked out pretty well and the result was a venue that reminded me of Pier 6 in Baltimore: lots of space on the sides and in front, with a slight incline going back to the easier and cheaper seats.

So. Xavier Naidoo. What do I know about him? Not a whole lot, but I like him:) He was one of the performers I was told upon moving to Germany that I should check out. Originally a member of the band Sohne Mannheims, I understand that apparently he was the J. Timberlake of the group and it focused around him. That’s the rumor at least. So now X is doing it solo and well.

His music can lean towards ‘I love you’ sappy, but for the most part the lyrics that I picked up were very unity and love thy neighbor (but not in the weird way). Peace, love, live your life well and understanding. I can get behind that. I DO love Faithless, you know. He’s got a slight hip-hop sound but errs on the side of pop. It appears everyone that I know that knows his music considers him pop and not hip-hop.

I’m still not sure if I consider anything that is NOT from the US to be real hip-hop. Or even half of the shit that’s being called ‘Hip-Hop’ these days, but that’s another post completely.

He totally ROCKED this show and easily performed for at least 1.5 hours. I wasn’t checking the time or anything and spent a good part of the show really trying to listen to him. He’s good live. I’d highly recommend you go to see him, if you know him and/or speak German. I’d go again. In the meantime, I’ll be practicing my German by reading Xavier lyrics online.

About the photos: I really was not in the front. I was nowhere near the front until much later in the show. For the most part, these photos came from our awesome zoom lens and a few were made with the help of some very tall friends. I also got a little creative. I think it’s obvious by now that I prefer to shoot without the flash.











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