Remembering a Song Because of the Movie You Saw it in

Posted on 27.04.2011


No joke, ‘Only You’ came on the radio a few weeks ago and I said, ‘This is SO in a movie that I love’. I just couldn’t remember which one. I immediately thought of two people kissing in either an airport or a train station, and then thought ‘no, it had to be Napoleon Dynamite’. There are no scenes of people kissing in either in that movie.

And I was right on both fronts. I kind of forgot about it for a while until the song came on again yesterday. I Shazamed (yes, it’s a verb now. I love that app) it and saved it for this morning.

Little-known fact about Gina: because of my age, I am a HUGE fan of all of the 80’s and 90’s coming-of-age movies and comedies. So there is a special place in my heart for movies like Empire Records, the Breakfast Club and Can’t Hardly Wait. Hello, Seth Green, Ethan Embry, the Shermanator and a ridiculously star-studded cast that threatened to be the new 90’s Brat Pack (but didn’t????)? How can you NOT love that movie?

So. I give you. The things I see in my head when I hear this song. Proving once again that I am far too visually inclined for anyone’s good.

There wasn’t a clip from the scene in Napoleon Dynamite. It’s there, though. Swearz.

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