OH MY GOD I am so totally wasted…

Posted on 20.04.2011


Not really, but I feel something like that.

The summary is that René got home last Saturday morning at 6am, prompting me to be up and out the door by 4:30am, we did a lot of packing and cleaning over the weekend, and then left for a week in Belgium last Monday.

Belgium was awesome, amazing, wonderful, etc. Too many great people and good times. Quality training, training partners and lessons. And chocolate. Lots of it. I could write a lot more on the subject, but I think it might deserve my full attention and quite honestly, it doesn’t have that right now. Further, I don’t feel the need to really explain how amazing it was, as everyone that was there feels the same and the rest of the world won’t quite ‘get it’. Imagine being at a family reunion where you love every single attendee, even the new ones you haven’t met yet. It’s like that. They’re my family.

We returned on Monday morning at about 1am after dropping the girls off. We left directly from Sunday evening training and only stopped for food and to pee.

Monday afternoon, I was back in full swing with 4 classes back-to-back. The week moved pretty quickly, but it went by a little too fast. I’m thankful that I planned all of my classes for this week BEFORE we went to Belgium, as I would have had no time to do so beforehand this week. I had a slight pause today, with only one class followed by shopping and lunch with Deb and Shiloe. We had Indian food at a pretty decent Indian restaurant… it’s not Harsha’s cooking, but it’s close enough to what I was getting in Baltimore, so I’m happy with that. Directly after was Budo, and now I’m about to go to bed.

Tonight (technically tomorrow, as I will sleep between now and then) we’re going to Frankfurt to see IAMX play, and I am so fucking excited about it I don’t know what to do with myself. Crap, I should charge my camera now… done. One thing is certain: all of my off time tomorrow will be spent listening to IAMX on the headphones rather than all of the new music I still have to sample (of which there is plenty).

I am really thankful to live in Bavaria this week. As the most religious state in Germany, they have literally one holiday every month for some saint or important religious person, so everything is closed. I’ve got no work on Friday and of course, Monday is off. So the concert tomorrow night is the kickoff to a glorious four-day weekend, and I am really fucking ready for it.

I’m planning to take it easy and just get everything done. I’m not quite sure what ‘everything’ is right about now, because I am close t0 braindead, but I know that I have lists near my computer and I will have time to slowly go through them over the next 5 days. And I am excited about that.

I’m also excited to be finishing a DVD cover for the JNK, editing and uploading photos, and cleaning up my hard drives. Also buying tickets to Japan for May, laying out on the balcony, reading the Potter books that I got from a friend, writing long emails and talking to Kristi. I can’t wait. I feel like everything is on pause until the weekend starts. I can’t wait for tomorrow to be through. I’m so glad I love my classes and students. It will at least go nicely.

So. until the weekend. Hang in there.

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