@Brooklynbliss: wardrobe wins, past few weeks

Posted on 09.04.2011


I’ve been MIA lately due to a mini-relapse followed by the inevitable ‘weather-change-related cold’. I’m sure the relapse made it worse. But I WAS taking photos, as you can see below:) Next week I’ll be fighting every day in Belgium (‘vacation’), so there will be no awesome photos for at least two weeks. I’m hoping to maybe get some thrifting in, if there is any to be had, while I’m there.


Also known as my ‘it’s day 3 and I refuse to wash my hair on a Budo day’ hair, I was totally excited about this outfit and hair combo with the earrings that were given to me for Xmas by a fashionable friend.

I don’t think that there is anything necessarily new about this outfit, as all of these pieces have been used before, but the combination is new and I like it:)

I love that this color works really well on me (for some reason). I don’t know why. I really want to hate the color pink, deep down, but it just works. Always. I prefer strong pink like this to dusty pink, but can rock both equally well. I think it’s my hair color.

Seen here with my addition of the damn season, the grey faux leather jacket whose seams I recently had to reinforce, because I’ve been wearing it THAT MUCH.


I keep wanting to buy stockings or badass socks for this skirt, and truth be told, I don’t think I need to. I just think I have an obsession for cool socks and stockings (I don’t think, I know).

I got this purple top WITH madame brooklynbliss in like 2008 (was it really three years ago?) and have worn it so many different ways. It works great with leggings or stockings as a long top (thank goodness I’m short) or over pants or a skirt, as you can see here.

I boycotted this deep purple color for a long time after an oily, highly regrettable middle school class photo. I thought it made my skin look greasy, and as it turns out, my skin was making my skin look greasy. Not the purple. The purple was just an accessory to the crime.

Now that my skin is slightly less greasy and my make up is far better, I can rock the color that makes me look all italian-like. If you want a color to bring out your tan, here it is.

I’d had this skirt and top combo in my head for a long time and finally pulled it out one week when I was trying out all possible options for this ridiculous 5-Euro H+M skirt I picked up last year on impulse. I probably shouldn’t have done that, at least, not in that color. At the time I was proud of myself for not buying black, but as the time’s worn on, I’ve come to realize that although my legs can rock a mini, I don’t necessarily need to do that. I’m hot enough without all of the extra leg showing 😉 This skirt is versatile, but not enough for me. I’ll stick to pencils and A-lines from now on.


Test Day
I wanted to look ‘professional enough’ for test day and still rock my jeans, because I was in the middle of the relapse here and seeking comfort over cuteness. My solution to this problem was to rock my business suit’s vest with the fake leather jacket and my skinny jeans.

This also happened to be a ‘day three without hair wash’ look, and I think it worked really well:) When in doubt, pull it back.

There are four layers on top: the silver layering bra top (NY+Co, 2007), the black lacey cami (Express, 2006), the suiting vest (S. Oliver, 2010) and then the jacket (acquired this year, last season). And I was not too warm, it ended up being the perfect combo that worked just as well when I took off the jacket (and realized I needed to reinforce the seams. This is the day it happened/I noticed) once indoors.

I still generally have an aversion to wearing sleeveless tops and tanks, as then I have to show off my butch arms/guns. As if my 95% male student body isn’t frightened enough by my black belt in an art known for its killing techniques… then I take off my jacket and my biceps are bigger than theirs with more definition. I try to keep that to a minimum, haha.


Pointing and whispering
The next morning, I took a shower and straightened my hair. And decided that the weather was perfect for rocking socks. My favorite socks.

In hindsight, I probably should have rocked them with a more serious pair of shoes, since nothing about a 2″ heel screams ‘badass can wear whatever she wants’, which would have been helpful. The socks might have looked better with some 5″ heels or at least my boots, but I was going for color.

Regardless of the shoes, I think the outfit worked and have no complaints. There were some girls in a store I went into that were pointing at my legs and whispering (the Germans don’t excel at  being tactful), but, quite honestly, they WISH they could wear this and still be taken seriously. Before and after said laughing took place, I was making men twice my age cower with fear over the proper use of the present perfect continuous. I wonder if those ladies working at the bakery can say the same.


It’s Tricky
Who wears a Tricky concert t-shirt to teach English? This girl. And it looks effing great, if I do say so myself. Tricky T-shirt + blue pencil skirt = my signature look? Professional rock ‘n roll? I think that’s a good classification.

As you can see from this and numerous other photos, I really have been on my knee-socks binge. This pair is slightly transparent with a chevron print. Maybe you can see it on the zoom in (you can).

I wore this outfit sans socks once before and was happy with it, but forgot to photograph it. This is that badass 10-Euro pencil skirt I got on clearance from my favorite store, Dreist, and I love how versatile it is. Always professional, yes, but it can work even with a concert tee.

I’m also sporting my new badass haircut here, which I think only adds to the rock. I think this is the biggest win of everything featured, although it’s a close tie with this one:


Following the rock, but with a different approach, I really felt like pairing stripes with an animal print the next day. That long tee (H+M, last year) is definitely a top, but on me it can also function as a dress. I initially put it on with some grey tights, but decided that the weather was too nice to hide my shiny legs. So I swapped the tights for my capri leggings, covered it all with the awesome $90 grey cover up that is a life-saver on all occasions, and then tossed on the scarf.

I feel like this week was less about color and more about my actual individual style, and I’m ok with that. I don’t necessarily need so much color in my life, but the lack of it does make my wardrobe really boring.

I think this will be the summer of colorful jewelry and metallic shoes. We’ll see. It’s hard to find anything strappy right now, which is odd. I don’t remember that being the case last year. But last year I wasn’t looking for ‘strappy’. I was looking for ‘able to walk on cobblestone’.


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