Reason #564million that Germany fits me better than the US

Posted on 04.04.2011


When you go to your Gyno in America and say, ‘I want a voluntary sterilization’ and cite bulletproof reasons like an incurable disease that has a history of making mothers WORSE after giving birth, or never ever having wanted children, they say to you ‘Yeah, well you’re young and you might change your mind. We shouldn’t do that until you’ve had at least one child’.

When you do the same thing in Germany, your Frauenartzt looks at you before you even give the reasons and says, ‘Well of course, you have a disease. It’s majorly dangerous for you to have kids’. You are then directed to the clinic down the street that would do the procedure for you the next day if you wanted it, and it’s an outpatient procedure that only costs about 500-Euros out of pocket. My doctor was very thorough and reminded me that if I have any doubt about this at all, that I should hold off and think about it since it’s not an easy reversal.

I love this land of common sense. Guess who refilled their last birth control prescription (most likely, unless we need to put it off for money reasons) today. I am so relieved and thankful to be able to do this without any question over here. I am so fucking tired of people that don’t know me telling me that I might change my mind.

I just have to break it to my family now.

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