Russia and Daylight Savings Time

Posted on 03.04.2011


This will be a blog of articles, but it was brought up in class this week that Russia has officially stated that they will no longer take part in DST, because of the adverse effects it has on farm animals and people, specifically.

Read the article HERE. Or, an article. There are many.

So that got me thinking, why do we even HAVE DST? I figured it had something to do with candles, which my students agreed with, and that is apparently the case, which you can read about HERE. It was, apparently, a great way to save candles at the time of conception, but it’s not something that you HAVE to do. Some states don’t do it, and neither do some countries.

I wonder if Russia will stay that way after the first year of major winter darkness. I wonder if we will all drop the DST eventually, since we have all that ‘lectric light and stuff now.

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