mini-relapse: possibly averted?

Posted on 31.03.2011


I’m not sure what’s going on, but I feel like I should track this.

I called my Neuro to make an appointment to go in, pick up my MRI’s (I’d dropped them at his office a few weeks ago) and to maybe talk about what was happening with my right side. The earliest he could see me was the end of April. Since I wasn’t sure exactly what the German’s policy on walk-in emergencies was, I decided NOT to do that and instead went online and did some homeopathy research.

On my way to class with information in hand, I stopped at the Apotheker¬†and left with Vitamin B12, Omega3, Zinc and Magnesium pills/doses. Every morning since then, I’ve taken a breakfast cocktail consisting of those four along with my normal daily regimen of BC, Copaxone, Vitamin D overdose and Calcium tablets. Thankfully, they are all vitamins and no real harm can be done from taking them in slightly larger than average doses.

I don’t know if it was all of the vitamins or just that my body was able to handle it, but I’m definitely doing better today and yesterday. I’ve had more energy, am typing ALMOST normally with my right hand, no longer dragging my foot, and am not drooling so badly out of the right side of my mouth.

So. Assuming this keeps up through the weekend, I might go back to a normal fitness regimen starting Monday. Training was OK last night, but I was definitely pushing through it and a little weak after it. I’ve needed a lot more sleep than usual also, but that could be due to my heavier-than-normal schedule.

I’m glad I was able to notice that I needed to stop training last week. If I had pushed, I might be in a full relapse right now.

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