My dirty little Facebook secret

Posted on 28.03.2011


I delete ‘friends’ on their birthdays.

Seriously. I do. The birthday function is a daily reminder of some people that shouldn’t be allowed to read me, associate with me, or know anything more than my name. Ever since I came to the conclusion that I no longer need to stay ‘connected’ to every person from my past, I use the birthday notifications to weed people out on the daily.

I take their birthdays to have a look at their pages (this only applies to people I don’t communicate with, not my actual friends). If I see that we have nothing in common and/or haven’t talked for the entire length of my stay on FB (nearly 6 years now), or I don’t like what they’re saying to the public… delete.

Recent types that have been deleted:
~ Friends of my sister’s that I was never really friends with
~ the girl that made me not trust women for at least 5 years, who is still not interesting
~ the ex boyfriend that wrote a bitchy email to a later ex boyfriend saying ‘you stole her from me’
~ the tool from my graduating high school class that used a racial slur purposefully to describe muslims
~ anyone that shows hated/bigotry or insensitivity of any sort (there have been many of these and I am glad to no longer be reading them)

So if we’re still friends and you recently had a birthday, you’re safe 🙂 If I actually wrote on your wall,then we’re actually maintaining contact of some sort and I like having you in my life.

And now I have no more secrets.