I’ve been missing. And busy.

Posted on 27.03.2011


Just a few updates, since I’ve been MIA.

The crash course on Tuesdays and Wednesdays isn’t AS terrible as I was expecting it to be. The hours don’t kill me like I thought they would. It’s a good class, but I can’t imagine trying to get through an entire book (30 lessons) in two weeks. It took me 2 months per book, and I was taking the Intensive Course. The first two weeks have been good, I’m concerned about the next two though.

I’m working a ton of overtime this month thanks to the crash course, which is good since I was under hours for February. It’s looking like I’ll use all 22 days of my vacation this year, so extra hours on top of that means extra ‘vacation’ or extra pay. We’ll see as the year goes on. I can handle this much work, it just makes me less likely to do so much when I get home.

I took on two new classes as well as the crash course (which is only for a month) and they’re going well so far. I’m trying out being a bit more liberal with them, which feels fine so far. I’ve been assigning a lot of outside reading to my classes as well, or letting them choose what they will do/bring in each week to discuss. Until they start to get lazy or take advantage, this should work out well and be less work for me.


I got a bike yesterday! I wasn’t expecting to do that, but we’d been looking at options for me and then our town had a big used-bike flea market the other day. Our friends were getting rid of a female bike and called to see if I wanted it, before they brought it to the market. I went over to check it out, but it was a road bike and I needed something that could work on the road or on trails. So we went to the market and found a good one. A little expensive, but cheaper than we would have found a new one with less add-ons for.


I found a way to not hate myself about eating Mac n Cheese from the store: make my GF noodles instead, and then use the cheese powder from the box. I can save the noodles for my non-GF guests or René, no problems there. Then I’m just eating some cheese powder instead of Gluten AND cheese powder. Which is not so terrible. Or painful.


Oli has told me that my knee pain issue is a Patella Dysfunction. I should be able to combat it with some leg strengthening exercises, stretching and of course, replacing my running shoes, which we knew we had to do anyway. So I’ll be getting another running exam next week at the running store to make sure I get the perfect pair of shoes for my flat feet.


My new non-animal tested toothpaste tastes like I’m brushing my teeth with black licorice. And that’s awesome. I love that stuff. I might still buy another toothpaste next time, just to try them out against each other and see what works best. I’d prefer something for whitening, but am not sure if that is possible.


I’ve been having some right-side weakness the past week. I didn’t notice it at first, but my handwriting was bad. I had just read this article about how kids have bad handwriting because they use computers and phones too much and at first, I thought it was that… but then after a few days and a bad night at training with body and motor control, I realized: I’m having a mini-relapse.

It’s not bad. It’s actually really, really good! I’ve been relapse-free since the back-to-back relapses in the summer/fall of ’09. Those two were terrible, and they came on really fast: one minute I was thinking my hand felt odd, then 30 minutes later I couldn’t walk or feel anything. So for this to be going all week without getting worse is GREAT! Because it means that I won’t get terrible. I would have already BEEN that way, if it were coming.

I have too many classes to get bad right now. I plan to take it really easy with my courses once I’m back from Belgium in April, but for now I need to work!!! I’ll take it easy on the fitness but I can’t stop working yet.


I’ve decided that I’m ok with doing nothing except stuff around the house on Sundays. I love my weekends! I feel like I can really ‘regroup’ at home all day alone on Sundays. I love this time.

Today I answered all of my emails, am correcting reading/writing homework, planned all of my clothes + classes for the week and cooked this week’s dinners. So my week should be really low-stress. I’m excited for that. I have a lot of teaching and shopping to do in the next five days.


I’ve been really bothered about the Japan happenings. I know that René and I have done all that we can to help, but having friends and connections there… I’m just so unnerved even though they’ve all said that they’re fine. I’m still scared for them. It’s keeping me off of the internet, Facebook specifically, because reading FB has been making me mad. I guess it’s  not just that, there have been other things bothering me lately, and I can forget them when I don’t get on the site. Some changes are going to get made soon, I think. I’ve already cut back with Twitter. FB is likely to follow.

But the blog will always stay:)

That’s all for now, enjoy your Sunday!

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