Throwback Thursday #4: Primitive Radio Gods

Posted on 24.03.2011


Thanks to music laws, I can’t see the ‘official’ video over here… but this one will do. It even has subtitles!!!

Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in my Hand is or was quite possibly one of the first ‘holy shit’ songs for me. The lyrics were easy to understand, they were a little confusing, and when I finally got them through my thick teenaged skull it was nothing short of an existential awakening.

This song and I have a long history and have shared many friends and experiences. It’s a song to bond over. It actually still makes me cry sometimes. There’s just so much history in a song, if and when you choose to remember it.

It’s been with me through so much: the changes of high school, the move to college, the loss and making of friends, death, birth, all of it. It’s an absolute MUST on ‘first mix CDs from Gina’. This is one of the few songs that I feel is mine, all mine. I share it with people, but it’s always strangely felt like a part of me. Or at least, my life.

This is one of the songs that I take as a sign when I hear it. Too obscure to be played with any sort of regularity nowadays, when it comes on the radio or the video shows up somewhere, I know I’m in the right place and it’s the right time. It follows me. I’m ok with that.

So to all of my wonderful friends and the ones I share it with, this one’s for you. You know who you are and I’m glad it can be ‘ours’.


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