Throwback Thursday #3: The Real McCoy: Another Night

Posted on 24.03.2011


Ah, the memories.

9th grade. High school in a new town with a bunch of new people. New friends. New people to dislike!!!

Mo’s Seafood.

Wait, WHAT?

No, no joke, really. Mo’s Seafood (yes, the fish market/restaurant that sat right on the line between Fallston and Bel Air) had a night club in the basement. Black lights, ’96, and the Real McCoy. As I had begun flirting with electronic music in the few years before, dance music definitely made it onto the list of what was playing on my DISCMAN.

This song brings so much back: going to the Harford Mall with my girlfriends to the Rave store and buying a new $5 shirt that would glow in the blacklights, jelly bracelets, going home + cutting said shirt off to reveal my (definitely rockin’) soccer abs, lots of hairspray, short shorts, etc.

There was a regular group of us that would be out every weekend till the wee hours when our parents would dutifully come pick us up (as we were definitely still too young to be driving): Angie, Alicia and Amy, this one’s for you! Here’s to only wearing stolen jewelry from Claires, illegal ear piercings at the beach, sunblock flowers on our bellies and lying our way through everything we got caught doing ❤

We’d dance our asses off at the Mo’s teen nights on Friday nights (or Saturdays? I can’t remember), then come home reeking of cigarettes (no really, mom, everyone else was smoking, not me), fish (ewwwwww) and the sweat of a thousand booty grinds for a sleepover at one of our houses.

Good times.

And since the official Real McCoy video is somehow NOT licensed in Germany, I can’t find any videos to post of the song. So go watch it on YouTube if you live in the US:)

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