Being Green Today: Ziploc plastic bags

Posted on 22.03.2011


It’s not JUST Ziploc bags, it’s all plastic sandwich/freezer storage bags. And I can’t take credit for this, because it’s something that Jerry Younkers, my high school Environmental Science teacher, told us in passing one day. I learned this years ago.

The bags aren’t made to be used just once. They’re made of PLASTIC. Wash them, let them dry, and re-use them. It will take at least 4 or 5 uses until the seals on the bags stop working properly and then you have to recycle them.

It’s not so easy to wash and re-use the regular blue plastic bags, but you CAN bring them with you BACK to the grocery store (they fold up to be pretty small), or any store for that matter, and keep using them until they break. You could also just invest in a cloth or nylon bag (or 5) to carry your groceries back home.

And when the bags break, tie them into knots and give them to your pets to play with. The knotted plastic bag balls drive Lala and Cibo crazy.

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