OMG I just talked to the lady downstairs!!!

Posted on 20.03.2011


This is a BFD because when we moved in (in October) I couldn’t understand a WORD of what she was saying to me. We had a very short conversation a few days ago, but it wasn’t long enough for me to think I really understood her. I just thought I got lucky.

But then today I was out on the balcony, and she was in the yard and wanted to talk. So she came over to the balcony and was asking me when I’d be free for her son to do some work from my balcony. We talked, and it turned into a full conversation about René being in the US, Stephanie coming for a visit, my teaching, etc. I understood 85% of what she was saying.

I am super happy because this means I can understand the southern dialect, something I was having issues with. I’m not saying I’m a master, but that was a good conversation and my comprehension was HIGH! She even said that I speak very well:) Thank you, little old Frankish lady!

Small victories. I’m off to compound it with an experimental run. I say ‘experimental’ because I did some reading online about knee pain while running, and there were some hints about ways to make it easier and determine the issue. So I’m going to go and try those suggestions out. More to come.

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