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Posted on 19.03.2011


I meant to post these earlier, but it’s been a busy week. These are from two weeks ago. I didn’t try a lot of new things last week, because I didn’t have the time to really plan ahead.. we’ll see if this week goes any better!

I’d said the week prior to these images that I wanted to try to use MORE color than I had previously. I have a tendency to stick to shades of grey (which will serve me fine this season, as it’s all neutrals) but realized that things were getting slightly boring, even if the outfits DID look good.

So this week I was going for color. This top has been odd for me. I bought it right after coming to Germany and it’s been hard to work into outfits since the pattern is a little strong. But it goes really well with most of my other clothing, even if it doesn’t go SO well with the item I originally wanted to pair it with.

I rocked it with my wonderful black Editor pants from Express and a $5 scarf I got from the Gap while I was visiting Chicago in 2008. Simple, but I think it works well. I think it all goes pretty well together:)

Top: Comma, from S. Oliver (Comma is to S. Oliver what Banana Republic is to the Gap)


I’m not a fan of the photo, but I am a fan of the outfit. This one was layers galore and I really, really love that pink top. I’ve decided that this fuschia/pink is going to be the color that works best for me this season, so I’ll be on the lookout for things in this color. I’m not a major fan of pink, but it always looks really good in my outfits, so I won’t complain.

I love, love, LOVE these shoes. I got them on last-pair clearance in the fall. They’re synthetic purple snakeskin. Because of the amount of grey I usually wear, they go with just about all of my outfits and are a nice little color addition.

The sweater was ALSO picked up right after I got to Germany and is pretty versatile… you’ll see what else I can do with it below.

Sweater: QS, from S. Oliver
Pink tank: H+M (last summer)
Pants: S. Oliver
Purple (synthetic) flats: Deichmann (this is a store you can find in the US, too!)

This outfit was put together specifically for the tights. I picked up these dark green and black tights on sale a while ago and knew I’d be able to use them somehow. As a side note, I have major ‘closet blindness’ when it comes to shopping for tights, so I generally end up buying the same color over and over again. It’s usually grey. That’s a problem. So the day I bought these, I was specifically looking for patterned tights.

Pictured here with the sweater from above, now belted, which, I think, is how it’s supposed to be worn.

I’m having a slight issue with the (black pencil) skirt, as I’ve realized the last few times I’ve worn it that it has a tendency to ride up. I hate having to adjust as I walk. So the skirt might get retired for a while.

Beige top: Comma, from S. Oliver


I feel like this might have been a MORE successful outfit if I’d worn my hair down. I feel that way often. The sweater made it out for a third time this week (I love that I never see my students more than once a week!) and got belted over a tribal print top from H+M (also last year).

This was a lazy outfit for me, but I was excited to pair the blue tiger stripe scarf with the tribal top. I think they work well together.

Altogether I think the week was successful, but there are still more things to try. I’ve overcome my ‘closet blindness’ by taking photos of all of the outfits I could wear tights with, so now I have them all on my phone for the next time I have the urge to buy tights or catch a sale.

I still need to push the color a bit more, but I’m happy that I made the color an integral part of all of these outfits rather than a last-minute accessory.

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