re: my ‘products I love’ post from yesterday

Posted on 19.03.2011


I spent almost 3 hours shopping today. Granted, I went to four different stores and really spent time reading the backs of products, but it needed to be done.

I hadn’t had any plans, although I did think I was going to go to the Body Shop today, just to see what they had. Hunger ended up striking, so that didn’t happen. Instead, I spent a decent amount of time wandering around the DM, Asia Market, Lollo Rosso and then Real.

DM is a store like CVS or Rite Aid, except they don’t sell pharmaceuticals there. All of that stuff is sold ONLY at the Apotheker. But DM is great because it has a good selection of GF/DF food. It’s where I ALWAYS get my bread and noodles. Today I looked at ALL of the Nivea products, since Nivea (and Eucerin, they are sister companies) doesn’t test on animals.

I’m in the market for the following items:
Shave Gel

I was concerned that toothpaste would be the hard one to find. I was wrong, it was the shave gel. I left DM with some Weleda toothpaste (the first of many that I found and plan to try), Nivea hairspray, and two deodorants: one from Nivea and the other from Garnier, who also doesn’t test on animals.

DM is not exactly a Naturkost (natural store), but in most German markets the organic and vegan things are represented, which is awesome. And because they sit in shops right next to the ‘normal’ products, the prices aren’t that different (they can’t afford to be). So I only spent 1-Euro more on the toothpaste, while the other products cost as much as their animal-tested counterparts.

I am super excited to try these things out.

Then, I went to the Asia Market and finally found coconut water (for drinking, not cooking) and Mochi! The bad news for me about Mochi: it’s made with wheat. WTF. So it didn’t come home with me. But some other things did, so it’s not terrible.

Afterwards I hit Lollo Rosso, which IS a natural/bio store. They have a large section of toiletries that are all either organic and/or vegan. I assume that anything that is labeled as Vegan is most likely also not tested on animals. If I’m wrong about that, please correct me. There were about 5 different toothpastes there that I ALMOST bought, and then I decided I didn’t need to hoard and left it for next time.

I also made sure to buy my produce there, re: the ‘wasting food’ blog. ONE onion. ONE head of garlic. NOT THREE of each. It was glorious.

Overall, I’m really excited about all of the options before me. I’ve got a lot of trial and error ahead, and I’m ok with that. I’m planning to buy sample sizes whenever possible before buying the whole tube/can of anything. I can’t wait to find cruelty-free products that I love. Believe that I will write about them.