Today was wonderful. Just as planned.

Posted on 17.03.2011


For anyone interested in the outcome of today as opposed to yesterday, it was everything I said it would be and some more:)

I woke up, went running, did my push ups workout, showered (I only mention this because I don’t want anyone to think I went to teach all smelly and red-faced) and taught some classes. Then as a bonus I got to have cappuccino with Deb before going to teach my last class of the day. My last class was a new one and it went really well, I’m really excited about my two new classes! They’re all good so far and I’m hoping they stay that way.

All of my students are really excited about this new website where they can read outside articles and answer questions on them. I think that I will put the ‘points’ or ‘competition’ idea away for now and just see how the site works initially. If it goes really well, then I’ll think about the competition aspect. For now, if they just do the reading and email me answers to questions, I’ll be happy. That’s a start!

I ‘ran’ 5.1k today, which is an up from last week, although I have been steadily increasing my distance. I didn’t actually run all of it because my knees were hurting, but I walked until I forgot the pain and then ran until the pain came back. So it was a little over half of a run and the rest got walked. Whatever. I still burned over 200 calories, says the pedometer. It just took a little longer!

The push ups workout was almost easy, but I’m glad to have started today. I felt great afterwards, and jumped right into the shower.

Today was a nice day. I opened all of the windows and put one of my plants outside. I am so excited for spring!

And I didn’t bite my nails. HOW’S THAT for making plans and sticking to them?

Love. Have a great night 🙂

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