Throwback Thursdays (now on this blog rather than MOG)

Posted on 17.03.2011


I was born in 1981. So the formative years were spent listening to Belinda Carlisle, Guns N Roses and the Police, mixed with the music of my parents: The Mamas and the Papas, Pink Floyd, Zeppelin and of course, tons of fuckin Phil Collins.

I’ve been in a throwbacks kind of mood lately, and I think the possibilities for this post are pretty endless. I’m going to post a new video from my childhood (with corresponding stories, if there are any) each week.

Enjoy my awkward teens, will you?

Our first entry comes from the song that literally DEFINED MY HIGH SCHOOL EXPERIENCE. Garbage came out just as I was getting into high school, and it’s easily one of the first albums that I loved from start to finish, knew all of the lyrics to and felt ‘really got me’. Which is comforting, at the angsty age of 13.

Shirley was my first REAL girl-crush. She was a different kind of role model for the teenaged version of me: I dressed up as Shirley for halloween, went to see her live, downloaded as many pictures of her as I could, had at least 4 Garbage shirts, and even wrote the band a letter asking for an autographed photo. And you know what? They were so awesome that they sent me a poster, a letter AND a signed photo, which I still have stowed safely away from the light in an ‘autographs’ box. THAT, folks, is how you win fans.

Shit, I still kind of dress like Shirley in this video. Often. Knee-high boots? Shirley’s doing. I don’t care about the trends, for me it happened here, first. Or at least, this was the first time I was AWARE of this look and decided it should be mine, too.

At our first HFStival in 1996, my friend Eric managed to get backstage just by being nice to a security guard (those were the days, eh?). He came back and found me (in the front row with my arm over the fence, which is the norm for me at concerts since I’m so little and SUCH a rabid fangirl) and asked for the Garbage shirt I’d bought earlier in the day. He came back about an hour later with it signed by the woman herself. Great friend, great concert.

Garbage’s videos in the mid-to-late-90’s were by far (and still remain) some of my favorites. They are gritty, high contrast and not the usual masturbatory ‘here’s me rocking out with my guitar while thrashing my hair around’ vids that were SO the norm back then. Even the male band members look a little unique compared to the other bands that were popular in the day. These were some of the first videos to inspire me into an artist’s path (more than just drawing, I mean), and this one specifically: it’s the first time I remember saying, ‘WOW, that color is AMAZING! HOW DID THEY DO THAT???’. The answer, folks, is polarizing and cross-processing. For the record.

Until maybe 2005, there was not a single mix-tape (or CD) that you’d get from me that DIDN’T have a Garbage track on it: I’m still a pretty rabid fan. They’re one of the few bands that I can admit DOESN’T always have the best lyrics, but I still love anyways and always puts on a great live show. Always.

AAANND They’re in the studio now for a new album!!! happy dance!


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