Throwback Thursday #2

Posted on 17.03.2011


(Killing two birds with one stone, since it’s Thursday and all)


Yeah, you know what? I could have posted just about ANY song from this album and it would have made the same point… but since this one came first, this one it is.

I’m not going to lie, I found out about ND at the same time as the rest of the generally uninformed public. I won’t lie about that, I didn’t know who they were before this album got dropped. There was no really reliable internet at the time and we lived on the east coast: we wouldn’t have heard about them unless they hit the radio waves. Ah, simpler times, right? I did, however, go back and listen to the earlier stuff later on after my love for the band was firmly rooted.

I got to see ND at the same HFStival as Garbage, my first major concert outing with a lot of good friends. We were right against the fence in the front for No Doubt as well, and that was definitely the place to be: Gwen was bouncing all over the stage and exuding all of this energy, and even with my crappy little fujifilm disposable fun cam, I got some great photos of her.

’96 was before cell phones with cameras, before consumer-model digital cameras in general, and I wasn’t going to try to bring my parents old, heavy, clunky Pentax to a concert that I had planned to dance at… so the disposable camera, it was. Those things were great, were they not?

Later in the same year, I went with my friends Jackie, Shawn, Eric, Matt and my sister to go see Bush and (that new band) No Doubt at the patriot center in VA. It was awesome. I seem to remember Bush playing first and No Doubt following. There may have been an opening band, but I don’t remember them. We tried to stay on the floor to get close to the gate at the front again, but that was a no-go with hottie Gavin Rossdale on stage and an arena full of rabid fan-girls.

Whether or not there was an actual moshpit is still up for debate, but one thing is certain: my little sister (this may have been her first concert sans parents, and it was at least my second) nearly got crushed in the stampede of teenage girls rushing the stage to get close to Gavin. True story, she had to be pulled out of it by Matt, and we escaped to safety in the first level of seats to the very direct right of the stage, which was great for viewing, not great for pictures.

That concert pretty much made me love Gwen: the energy, the look, the attitude! THE ABS!!! Between her and Shirley, those of us born in the 80’s that grew up in the 90’s had some seriously great alternative role models to balance out the rigid gender roles that were already in place. I can firmly say that Gwen is where my love of Dickies pants comes from. She also helped shape my ideas that women don’t have to just stand around being pretty, waiting for men to do things with or for us. So for that, lady Gwen, I thank you. If I were born any earlier things may have been a lot different!! Gwen taught me to do things myself, Shirley taught me how to break hearts.

Next week: a teen-night at the suburban club favorite:)

(p.s. I love how in all of the live videos she does push ups before singing. Take that, lady-like.)


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