An exercise in futility: a yoga cd

Posted on 09.03.2011


Back in like 2005 and 2006, I was going to this AMAZING yoga class at Bally’s Gym in Towson, MD. The yoga instructor there, as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, was not your typical yoga trainer. She was my height, at least in her late 30’s if not early 40’s, at least 140lbs and not at ‘expert level’ for some of the poses. And I loved her for that, and for how well she taught the class.

She always made sure to teach/show three different versions of each pose: beginner, intermediate, and expert. She continually told us to stop looking around and focus on ourselves, to only do the poses in the way that we could. She wasn’t hands on but she would correct us as needed.

She had this fricking AWESOME cd that she’d play in the class. It wasn’t an iPod, it didn’t seem to be a mix cd, either. The songs fit together too well. This was the best music for yoga I’ve ever heard, and you know how I feel about music.

This has been in my mind for the past few months, as I’ve started doing Yoga at the awesome studio I’ve found here in my city. I was thinking about how awesome it would be to find that cd and do yoga at home once in a while. And then a month ago, one of the yoga instructors at my school put on music for the outward-meditation at the end of class and all hell broke loose (in my mind): the music had words. English words. It wasn’t yoga music at all.

This flipped me the fuck out. Not because I could understand the words, but because the music was so NOT what I want to hear during yoga. If it’s some kind of Indian chanting, that’s cool. But actual song lyrics, especially when they are in English, make it really hard for me to concentrate. I talked myself down by saying that maybe this was fine since most of the students don’t speak English often enough to bother listening to the words when they should be working on letting go of their legs, ears and mouths. But it was majorly hard for me to focus and I kind of wanted to just get up and leave.

So now, the quest: I’m still going to go to yoga classes, but I really want to find that one cd. My Yoga teacher in MD was there over 5 years ago, I doubt she is still there. I don’t know if I can call Bally’s and be like ‘hey, do you guys have your own yoga music or does the teacher bring it in?’.

I’ve spent the last two days checking out every ‘yoga’ or ‘meditation music’ option from 2006 or earlier that iTunes has shown me. Page four, still no dice. Sigh.

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