Maneaters 2011 for yous guys!

Posted on 03.03.2011


Well hello there, friend. I’ve got a present for you:)

This one came almost seemingly out of nowhere. In between all of the sampling, downloading, deleting, and buying I ended up with a LOT of great tunes.

V.2011 is not as ass-kicking as some of the previous installments, but I’ve actually got an EP-length playlist that might come in a few days after I’ve sorted all the extra tunes I’ve got laying around. And that one is definitely the ass-kicker. The less-than-ass-kicking here doesn’t (in my mind) take away from how awesome all of these tracks are. In fact, maybe this is the beginning of a new type of the playlist. But for now, it’s still predominantly female and/or about predominant females.

Special thanks to the awesome lovers that turned me on to some of these artists!

So enjoy. And love.

Get some!

Track list:

001. No More Dating DJs // Nick Holder

002. Beautiful Lie // Esthero

003. The Magic // Joan as Police Woman

004. Girl From the Ghetto // Ronnie Spector

005. Long Boat Pass // Tennis

006. Stuck // Caro Emerald

007. Party Killer // David E Sugar

008. Le Dragueuer (Fedo Medora Radio Edit) // In-Grid

009. Trick on Me // Lexy & K-Paul

010. Rocket // Goldfrapp

011. Commotion // The Hundred in the Hands

012. Not Enough (Infernal Devices Remix) // Xylos

013. Days // Creep

014. Fucked Up Situation // Oceana

015. Change of Heart // El Perro del Mar

016. Elizabeth Fraser // Star Slinger

017. I Follow Rivers // Lykke Li

018. Black Pearl (remix) // Jihae

019. Hurricane // Amaree

020. Extraordinary Machine // Fiona Apple

021. Sister Moon // Lou Rhodes

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