I hate wasting food

Posted on 26.02.2011


I have a major problem with onions. I don’t dislike them or anything, but I hate how I have been buying them here. Before I got wise to the natural food stores, I was getting most of my produce from the regular supermarket.

Onions are cheap and local, most of the time. So when you go to buy them at the grocery store here, they’re always in packs of three. You can’t buy individual onions. Or garlic, for that matter. But I use garlic a LOT more than I use onions, and garlic keeps longer at room temp than onions do, so I don’t have a problem with them so often.

My issue with the onions is that I have to buy them in groups of three, and I only ever use one before the other two have gone bad. I just don’t use them fast enough to warrant buying them in packs of three.

I read an article the other day about the world food shortage and rising costs. Technically, there isn’t a shortage, but for a lot of countries it’s not economically feasible to ship their surpluses to countries in need. This is majorly upsetting. About 40% of the food produced in the entire world is wasted or not used. WHAT. THE. HELL.

I’ve been trying to do my part here by only buying what I can locally and only shopping for what I need every week, rather than storing excess food. We buy what we can fresh and cook on average two complex meals every week for dinner. Then on the side we’ve got staples like pasta and pesto or rice dishes. It seems that maybe I might have to try to do a little more.

In my mind, at this very moment, there are two easy ways to combat this issue with the onions:

1. Cook more with onions/consume more onions. I’m ok with this, but René might not be. I don’t really like or need to have too many onions in my meals and they are definitely an individual flavor. You can taste them even when they’re not the main ingredient.

2. Find a place to buy my onions individually. I think I can do this at the natural food store, but I have to check. I could also buy them from any of the vendors on the market place, which I will probably do since I’m in that area at least twice a week. They will most likely be more expensive this way, but the difference won’t be that big and I think it’s worth it to do my part to curb demand.

I’ve gotten really good at making sure to use all of the fresh produce before it goes bad. I use my leftover lettuce for salads or as a bread-replacement in sandwiches. I save the yolks from recipes that require only egg WHITES and have an omelet the next day. I tried to grow the mint that I didn’t use, and froze the rest of it.

I’d love to know if my friends do this too, and if so, what their methods are. I think maybe there are things I’m not thinking about. So, do share.

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