Week 8 clothing

Posted on 25.02.2011


This is the 8th week of the year. How many of you are still following your new year’s resolutions or goals? 8 weeks. Two calendar months. Just checking:)

So this was the first week where I only had to work 3 days instead of four. This is only going to be the case for a few more weeks, then I’m back to the overtime grind doing a month-long crash-course and possibly taking on some new students. I was a little lazy this week, but keeping in mind that I wanted to TRY to add some color to things, I was up for the challenge.

Before I get into what I wore, I’d like to talk about my closet. It’s organized. If you were to look at it, you might not notice, but it is. I used to organize my clothes by color. Within color, I would organize down from sleeve length, to collar, to buttons. This was a helpful way to fight color chaos in my closet. I stopped doing that a while ago, and now I subscribe to the chronological style or organization. Yes, I just said that: my clothes are in order by when I last wore them. So the first thing you see on the right side of my closet is most likely what I wore yesterday.

This is a fun way to organize, because you become highly aware of what you’re NOT wearing. There are about 6 things on the left side that haven’t moved for at least 3 months. Those end up being the things I decide not to keep.

When the warmer weather comes, I’ll pull all of the winter things and probably leave them folded in the top drawer. For now, that’s where all of my spring/summer dresses are hiding, waiting to come out.

With that in mind, this was a week for skirts. I could have pushed a bit more with the color, but I was trying to wear things I haven’t touched lately, and that worked out with mixed results. There were other results as well, that I’ll mention below.


For me this ended up being the least successful of the outfits, even though it was definitely the most low-maintenance and comfy. The grey sweater does NOT photograph well and always makes me look like I’m hunching my shoulders, which isn’t helped here by the fact that I’m rocking a turtleneck sweaterdress underneath.

My color for the day was the pair of tights. I love these tights, but I’m not fond of the fit. They get too loose by the end of the day, and that to me is a decidedly GERMAN thing. The outfit actually worked really well once I took the grey sweater off, but I left it on for the photo.

The dress is short-sleeved and fitted, so it rocks on its own. The tights were a nice burst of color, but I think I may want to go BRIGHTER, or maybe patterned. I’m in the land of fun tights over here, so a shopping trip is definitely in order.

Dress and Sweater: Express
Leg Warmers: Sock Dreams (dot com)


This skirt is actually blue, so I thought that was a good, colorful option for the week. Then I put it on and realized that my grey tights were kind of a similar color and was like, shit, SCARF! The grey tights worked a LOT better than the black ones did, IMO.

Seriously, this 16-E scarf is a life-saver. It goes with EVERYTHING I own. I wear it all the time. This is a variation on an outfit that I rocked well during the fall, with nude hose and a different scarf. I updated it for winter by adding the barely noticable shrug. It’s glittery:)

Shrug: Express
Black sleeveless top: Express
Skirt: Dreist (10!!!)
Scarf: Maingold (I think)





Yup, see, the scarf is a WIN all around. You might remember this as the 10-Euro dress that got some guy in trouble with me on the street during the summer, that’s the one! Taking the advice of Jaina, I’m rocking it here with some AMAZINGLY warm, fleece-lined tights. Which are also grey.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from this post so far, it’s that I need to start buying fun tights that are NOT grey. Further, I probably need to try to NOT wear that scarf next week. I’ve got so many. Next week: scarves:) Yes.

And maybe I’ll try to layer in some of my spring/summer things that are more colorful than my winter/fall clothes. I’m falling back into grey and while I love the color, it appears that everything I wear is the same. Good looking, but the same.

How about those leg warmers, eh?


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