Book recommendations?

Posted on 24.02.2011


I’m starting to read with a student and I know that there are others that will follow. My issue with this is not that I can’t think of books to suggest and read with them, it’s that I know my English reading level is MUCH higher than theirs.

So assuming that most of my students are reading at a middle-school to high-school level, what in the HELL can I suggest for them to read that is actually interesting to adults?

Topics are open, but since most of my students are adult males, suggestions like Eat, Pray, Love won’t fly, and neither will Harry Potter, for more than the age/sex reason: too many made-up words. So I guess that means that fantasy might be out as a genre. Also, the books can’t be overwhelmingly long (so no Jared Diamond). I’d prefer to stay away from overly political topics (unless the students suggest it) and humor, which means no Sarah Palin books.

I had the idea that we could all read books on the Kindle app, since that is cross-platform and there are books for free. My only issue is that a lot of the bookds that are free are ‘classics’, and may be written in an older style of English. I’m going to have a look at what’s available and see if I can find anything good to read on that.

So, suggestions?

The book I recommended to my first student (who probably has a high middle-school level of reading comprehension right now) was the Alchemist, which I figured was good since it was a book that a lot of my friends had to read in school. I didn’t find it too difficult and actually knocked it out in a few hours when I re-read it a few years ago.

Please and thank you!

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