MOG Post(s): Lykke Li generally being awesome

Posted on 23.02.2011


In light of Lykke Li’s new album release (go check it out!!) I’m posting the Lykke Li posts I had on MOG here today:) I had no idea who El Perro Del Mar was until I saw the above video about a year ago, but after seeing thatvideo (I won’t lie, I watched it a few times) and thanks to an email from Lykke Li’s newsletter I absolutely felt the need to sit and watch everything youTube had to offer. And I did!

iTunes says that she has 3 albums out and I plan to have a run through all of them. Usually I prefer to start at the beginning to take in the progression of an artist, but in this case I’m going to make an exception because I already know I like at least one track from Love is Not Pop.

As an aside, after watching the official Change of Heart video, it looks a LOT like an act I saw at Flic Flac last year, which also happened to be performed by two men. To me it is (still) MORE beautiful when you see two women performing… That might be because I am a woman, or because of my orientation, but it also might be because watching two men do this kind of act really forces a lot of people to sit on the edge of their comfort zone, if not completely abandon it. Let’s face it… girl on girl ANYTHING is pop culture these days. We can’t say the same for anything similar involving men, whatever their orientation. And that is sad to me.

I have a pretty strong feeling that I already love El Perro Del Mar:)

In OTHER Lykke Li-ness, you should check out her video for Possibility on her WEBSITE. I don’t care that she was on a Twilight soundtrack, I liked her before teenies knew who she was. So there.

I love everything about this girl. Years ago, before I’d heard Youth Novels in full, I read a review of the album that was surprisingly lackluster. Adjectives that I remember from that review were ‘young’, ‘juvenile’, etc. It wasn’t a completely bad review, but it wasn’t glowing, either. It wasn’t until I heard a few tracks from the album (thanks to WTMD 89.7) that I decided to give her a proper listen. While I see what that review was saying, I disagree with the idea that this album was not relevant.

I’ll agree that Lykke is still young (that’s not debatable), but in her I see a lot of people that I know now, how I met them back then. The stage of life that she’s in is absolutely my early years at college, where hearts were broken and mended quickly and we were all still finding our voices. To me, Lykke’s come a long way since those first few tracks, and even if she’s writing about heartbreak, she’s doing it well.

She’s experimenting (check out the performance art on her official site), has a strong and unique voice, and not everything she makes will be amazing. But hey, she’s enjoying all of it and entertaining her fans in the meantime, so what’s not to like about it?

Also, I’d like to add that she puts on a GREAT live show. I saw her back in 2008 in DC and I am so glad I went, even though I went alone. Hers is the kind of show you can see alone, because even up on stage, you know that she’s alone, too.


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