Gaga and Lauper fighting AIDS, one tube of lipstick at a time

Posted on 23.02.2011


(previously a MOG post, but I’m getting tired of writing that all the time:)

Mac Viva Glam product HERE

In what might be some of the best marketing planning since, well, ever, Lady Gaga and Cyndi Lauper were chosen recently (read: the end of 09) to be the new faces of the MAC Viva Glam campaign to raise awareness and funds to fight HIV/AIDS.

The full cost of every tube of lipstick in their signature colors sold directly benefits (100%) charities that are fighting AIDS and research funding for a cure. I absolutely plan to buy at least a tube, even if I AM personally more of a gloss person.

They visited Good Morning America last year to talk about the campaign (video and article from Salon HERE) and I have to say, Gaga just keeps getting more awesome for me. Sure, this might be her first public charity work (I think?), but when you are this new to stardom and already being active, that’s a good sign. Cyndi’s been sure to do good during the entire span of her career, starting out early by taking part in the ‘We Are The World’ track to help the African famine relief effort, moving on to support and contribute to various gay pride events worldwide, and later donating profits from shows to the Human Rights campaign.

I have to say (being like 98% Italian and born on Strong Island) that I really appreciate two awesome Italian girls from NY being such great role models. Especially with the recent damage done to ‘us’ as a ‘group’ by those adorable, illiterate, love-to-hate-’em tools from Jersey Shore (p.s., only one of them was ACTUALLY from NY, if you happen to be keeping score).

Rock out, Cyndi… and Gaga: if what you said in your Good Morning America spot is true, then you have chosen a truly admirable role model to follow:)