Marla Hooch… Hooch… What a hitter!

Posted on 02.01.2010


I have this issue that I have been trying to work on. I totally hunch my shoulders. All the time. And not just when I am nervous. There is a LONG stream of photo evidence of me where I am out and about, minding my own business smiling for the camera and having my shoulders doing something odd. And usually they are busy making my arms look HUGE. I promise, I am Italian but I am NOT a guido.
I honestly have no idea how this started, but I am pretty sure that I have always had horrible posture. It got a little better when I was doing Yoga 3x per week, but that is really not happening these days although I DO try to wake up and stretch every morning before going about my day.
I am also sure that six years in a stressful relationship didn’t help. Especially after I moved in with that jerk. Again. I was ALWAYS on edge during that time because everything out of my ex’s mouth was either a complaint or an argument about to happen.
Enter: my training.
I hadn’t even noticed I was doing it, but in the PT pre-testing last week with Amanda, she told me that during both Oni and Muso I was hunching my shoulders. Every time. Not good. So I had to work extra hard during the test to be MORE calm and relaxed than I usually try to be, because I wasn’t noticing when my shoulders were going up. This will ruin all of the techniques, your balance and the amount of power you have.
Then, while we were out at dinner, apparently I was ordering my food and asking the waiter a question and the shoulders came up again. That seems a little more like ‘confused and scared puppy’ than just habit, but maybe I’ve got a lot of confidence issues that I didn’t know I had that need working on.
So at the moment, this very second, I am pretty sure that I am not hunching my shoulders. But at the risk of turning into Marla Hooch, I am going to make a conscious effort to keep my shoulders DOWN at all times. And maybe try to get back into daily yoga and stretching.
And it’s definitely going to be my first thought as I Moku So at the beginning and end of each training session. Of each technique. And at the top of every page of notes.
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