Happy new decade:)

Posted on 02.01.2010


I had totally forgotten about it, but I think that on NYE 1999-2000 I was somewhere in PA celebrating New Year’s with my college boyfriend. I’m pretty sure that by this time he already knew he was going to break it off, it was a really awkward visit. No worries, things happen as they should.

I’d like to think that I am beginning this decade on a far more positive note đŸ™‚
New decade talk aside, I didn’t make any new goals for 2010 that hadn’t been made previously. I’m still hoping to get a job and German residency, make some books, some great photos, my own website, get published, be comfortable speaking German by this time next year, and probably be working towards Shodan. Them’s the plans. The job is top priority followed directly by residency. Everything else is interchangeable.
Our trip to MD was great, save for a few party crashers that felt the need to remind me of why I totally love being here more than back in the USA. We got to see as many people as we could in the short amount of time we had, do some training and some climbing, and I passed my rank test. Nice!
Issues that need to be resolved for the NEXT visit:
~ I need to make sure that people hear/read and UNDERSTAND that when I say I will not be using my phone, it means I will NOT be using my phone. And only checking the email in the mornings from my laptop. Not my phone. Because I won’t be using my phone.
~ Spend more time doing nothing rather than staying on a schedule. It was hard to be enthusiastic about things when we were tired but had to be somewhere.
~ Plan one night event for EVERYONE and spend the rest with the important people. Or have someone plan it for us.
I’m not complaining, we were happy to be there. Promise. In fact, we already have a list running of what we want to do NEXT time. Even though we are not sure when ‘next time’ is, since we have Rome in April and CT in the fall. We’ll see.
We spent NYE with RenĂ©’s family in Bad Bruckenau. It was so great to finally meet everyone, and to see Tanya again. I think 4 of RenĂ©’s brothers were there, and then a lot of people surrounding/related to them. It was a good time. For some reason (I guess I hid it well?) most people didn’t know that I wasn’t a German for a few hours. Then after someone overheard me and RenĂ© speaking English, the English started. I was just being quiet and listening up to that point. Then my cover was blown. Oops.
It turned out that RenĂ©’s Uncle used to be an English teacher, and he was the one that just sat down and started speaking half German, half English to me. Then other people started joining in and he was very nice, and told them to speak German slower so I could understand them. hah. Then we got to talking. About language, of course, which is usually what we talk about once the subject of me being Amerikanerin comes up.
At midnight we went out and did the typical things: sparklers, spritzers, kisses and watching fireworks, which are apparently not illegal to have or set off in Germany. Noted.
Then around 2 we went to our hotel that was at the end of the road, slept until about 11:30 am, then went back to the family house for brunch. It was a great time. Totally.
Ok, more to come in the adventures of Germany-Marie. Cheers:)
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