I think I might actually HAVE a minor Gluten Allergy

Posted on 14.12.2009


Not to be overreacting to today’s issues, but with MS my immune system is pretty awesome. I take just enough medicine to stop it from overachieving and attacking me, but it still means that I generally NEVER get sick. That case of probable swine flu over the summer came after a week of IV Steroids, which are known to have the side effect of lowering one’s immune system.

(Insert totally uncalled for and in poor taste pun about going to ask my mom).
Moving along.
Today was a wreck.
Total disaster in terms of feeling well.
I was NOT sick. No flu, no runny nose, no cough. Just overly tired, amazingly bloated and feeling nauseous.
On a whim, I googled ‘can you give yourself a gluten allergy?’ (I love Google), and up popped a bunch of sites about Gluten Allergies(GA/GAs) in general. It appears that each GA is unique to the digestive system it inhabits. Kind of like MS. Great.
There are a lot of different levels of GAs, most notable is the Celiac epidemic of the past few years. It’s not really an epidemic, it’s just finally got a name and can be classified and treated. There are minor levels of GA as well. After going through the symptoms list, it appears that it might be what I’ve got.
Base level symptoms include:
Skin problems: itchy to hives/rashes
fatigue or tiredness
bowel problems: constipation, diarrhea or bloating
This list looks a lot like a PMS or pregnancy list.
It also looks like MS symptoms.
So why, after 2 months of feeling great is this happening? That’s what got me to do the research. I can tell you why I feel shitty today: my weekend was FULL of gluten, which usually never happens: pretzels (4), the most lovely waffle I have ever had, half of a half-meter hot dog on baguette, various cookies and snacks.
The only things sans gluten were the three out of 6 meals that we ate at home.
It seems like I can maybe only handle gluten in really small portions. I had never noticed it before, but I’m starting to wonder if the diet I had back in the states partnered with the MD weather is actually what did me in, on top of my sleep deprivation and stress?
That is a pretty powerful cocktail for any MS patient, but in the 2 months that I have been here and being really good with the dairy- and gluten-free, this makes a ton of sense. I can’t believe how bad this feels today and I can’t wait til it is all out of my system.
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