Facebook: you need a ‘never suggest this person to me again, ever’ button.

Posted on 14.12.2009


This morning started out just like any other. I got up, shuffled around for about 30 minutes doing the normal morning routine, then did the 10-minute check up on all of my sites before heading out the door.

In the top right corner of the Facebook home screen is a section called ‘suggestions’. In that spot is usually a person that is friends with a few of your friends, so FB thinks you might know them. This has been a really helpful box for collecting FHS Class of 99 grads to keep informed about the Reunion. Sometimes, I get a suggestion for someone I have never heard of. No probs.
But today. Today.
Not to name any names, but a person that I would never have been nice to had she not been involved with an old customer of mine and then was nearly a sister-in-law showed up. I guess she is new to FB. She doesn’t have ANY friends in common with me, which leads me to wonder why she was suggested to me at all.
Does FB poll my gmail contacts? If this is the case they should make a script to weed out the people whose email addresses are sent right to spam (she is).
Does FB operate under the assumption that I was once FB friends/in a relationship with her brother? FB should realize that I am no longer friends with that guy, have removed all of his photos/photo tags and have him set to gmail spam as well.
Pandora has this great little option when you are making a radio station, a button that says ‘never play this song again‘. I think Facebook should look into this and adapt it to their Friend Suggestions bot. Because there are some people that you will never want to be friends with. Ever.
The kind of people that make you sorry for their significant others.
The kind of people that exist only for drama or big parties thrown on their behalf.
The people that ‘will never learn’.
I know this goes against everything Buddhist and good in the world about forgiving, moving on, etc. I can and will forgive everyone, but that doesn’t mean I have to be nice to/speak to/think about them ever again. In fact, I think my life is much better without those people in it.
Jebus, FB… get with it. This is yet another aspect where you might be able to be better than MySpace. Chop Chop!