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Posted on 05.12.2009


I’ve been really busy.

And when I say that, you know that I don’t necessarily mean as busy as I was back in Baltimore, but busier than usual for here in Germany where I am significantly LESS busy.
So, news. I has it.
Web Design and the $30 mistake
René and Marco got a brilliant idea a while ago to recommend me to their IT/web construction place. Apparently that place (who shall remain nameless for now) has many programmers and NO designers. René and Marco’s company (Contime) is in need of an updated website and they know that I only prefer to do the fronts of sites, not all of that behind the scenes programming stuff. So they recommended me to the place, the place said ok, let’s have an interview, and then I had an interview.
It went… ok. Which in the design world usually means great. If I had anything else to compare it to, I might have more to say in the regard. But, I digress. The interview went well. My design portfolio was FULL of corporate PDF’s thanks to an old coworker friend who shall also remain nameless in order to not lose a job. It was also full of web work I had done (thanks MICA, Matt Rota and Heidi/HnSeek), logos and some print materials to boot. I have definitely been busy.
We (they?) have decided to give me a one-week trial to consult/work on Contime’s new site, and if all goes well I could be hired after that as a part timer. PT here is 18 hours or more, which means I’ll be working some late hours after my German classes, but I don’t mind. I’ll miss being home when René gets home, but it won’t be like that for long, just as long as my classes last. Once I’m done with the language course (3 more months, about) I’ll be able to work days.
I’m concerned about the pay system here in Germany, because it seems as if the cost of living does not help the prices to be what I would normally charge per hour in the US for web work. But honestly, at this point, as long as I am making enough to pay my monthly bills, I’ll be really happy. That’s a discussion for after they decide they like me.
We still have a bit of a language barrier to work out. I’m going to be doing some design specific language studying tonight and tomorrow to make sure that I can at least go in and be able to disperse knowledge/explanations as needed. I learned at my interview that the business cards I made for Germany that say:
Graphic Designer/Photographer/Artist
were translated wrong, at no fault to anyone. They say the right thing, but in the MALE article. So I made a $30 mistake in business cards. The new corrected cards will be ordered after I get a job. Or make more money. They are not a top priority for now. I still have the old ones that do NOT have the incorrect translation on them.
Today was a good day so far:)
René and I spent the afternoon at lunch with his mother, her boyfriend and Arnulf, René’s brother. Afterwards we did some grocery shopping and then swung over to Media Markt for some printer ink. Stephanie, you would not believe how much more expensive Epson ink is over here.
We found a sweet Epson scanner that can handle up to 120 film, so that is on the wish list for later. We also found some great lenses and go to try them all out on D80’s, which was totally fun for about 15 minutes as we zoomed in and out around the store. Now we are home and I am catching up on some really good emails that require responses. Dinner is leftovers and then hopefully wir gehen Klettern!!! (we go climbing)
Friends, I think?
I LOVE the two people I sit next to in German class, they are both really nice. I’ve mentioned them before. On my left is Jeremy aus den USA, and on my right is Harsha from India. Both are really cool and fun to talk to. Jeremy is in the military, about my age and shipping off for like 6 months in January. So we’ll be seeing him after he comes back. He’s married and loves sushi, so we’re all planning to get sushi next week/end at the place that doesn’t always understand sashimi.
Harsha… I have no idea how old she is, but she is married too. I’m thankful for having known Anisha (for tons of reasons, of course), but specifically in this case because I have a very basic understanding of Indian culture that I would not have had otherwise and therefore am not a TOTAL idiot when talking to her about her home.
I love you Anisha!! And I miss you, and when the eff are you planning to get married already???
We invited Harsha and her husband over for dinner sometime next week and I’m already pretty sure of what I’m going to make since they are vegetarians… Italian, of course!!! ha:) I know they are ok with spice but am hoping they are also ok with Italian food. I will ask beforehand 🙂

I’m totally not fitting into anything anymore. I am down to the lower end of 131 with no stop in sight. The only plateau I hit (kind of) was during ovulation (or non ovulation since I am on BC) week when I stopped the loss for a few days. Now I am back to a steady drop. I even had pizza last night. I was still lighter when I woke up.
I promise, I am eating really well. REALLY well. I know I’ve been working harder in Budo. That might be the culprit. I’m sure it also helps that I walk for 45 minutes 5 days a week before class starts.
I’m a little pissed that most of my clothes don’t fit. Poor me, right? boo hoo. I know, shut up. But I really liked all of the clothes I bought to fit my slightly heavier self. And I don’t like having to keep clothes that don’t fit. But I am totally going to do so this time, because I love them all so much. I’m trying to save all of my clothes shopping for the US, since everything costs less there and I refuse to pay too much for anything. But as of today I have to wear a belt with all of my pants. I hate doing that. I might have to break to replace a few things before our trip but am mostly trying to stay strong.
The only upside to any of this is that now I am that chick with the flat abs. Or, flat in the morning but not totally flat after a day of drinking tons of water and sitting in class for 4 hours.
This is getting long. Time to finish emails.
Love and miss you:)
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