Hey: Remember the 90’s?

Posted on 05.12.2009


I do!
Remember Alicia Silverstone?
I was just thinking last week, ‘What happened to Alicia Silverstone? She was a role model. She fell off the face of the planet after Beauty Shop (and that was a hysterical stretch btw), didn’t she? WTF?

She’s probably most commonly remembered for her role in Clueless as Cher, but I remember her as that awesome hot chick from the Aerosmith videos that went on to play in Clueless, then the Babysitter, then sadly Batman and Robin.

After all of that, it appears that she was in a ton of movies and on even MORE TV shows (starring as herself), which is great. I think the last thing I remember about her (aside from Clueless) was an interview she did with Rolling Stone back in 1995. I remember it specifically because it was the first time I had ever read an article about someone (near my age) being a vegan, or maybe a vegetarian, and being against all of these things. Because back then in the 90’s USA, that thought process was just picking up. Or maybe that was about the time that I started to notice bad things in general. Either way, she seemed a little odd in the article, but I remember thinking that she was really a role model for people our age, because she didn’t care about being good looking or being a star, she was more concerned about the world around her.
Here are the 2 videos from Aerosmith that I loved so much growing up. Props to Alicia for launching Liv Tyler’s acting career, btw 🙂
Aerosmith: Cryin’

Aerosmith: Crazy

So, what HAS she been up to?
Interestingly enough, I JUST got some mail from Kristi that had been piling up in Baltimore. In it was an issue of Women’s Health from November. An issue that I should not have gotten since I canceled my subscription in October… In that issue was an interview with the Aerosmith girl herself, about what she’s been up to.
What are the odds, right?
So apparently, Alicia is still on her saving the world kick. And now, I am old enough to really appreciate it all. Since going vegan at 19, she’s been keeping busy outside of the studio with activism and a load of healthy cooking. She’s released her first cookbook, The Kind Diet this past month. It is based around a plant diet. It is vegan and animal free. No eggs, no dairy, no meat. And holy crap, she looks amazing on the cover!
The book is absolutely marketed towards women, citing health benefits like clearer skin and major weight loss. I am not usually one to believe such claims, but after the load of dietary study I’ve done recently, I can agree that making that kind of change in one’s eating will reap all of the above benefits. Along with ‘saving the world’ in your own small way. But more on that in another blog about Animal Cruelty. I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately as well.
So major Kudos to Alicia for talking AND walking the walk. She is still a role model.
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