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Posted on 27.11.2009


I’ve been keeping notes on thoughts lately in my iPhone as a way to practice typing on it’s rather small keyboard. None of them have really been able to be flushed out into full blogs on their own, so I am just going to put them all together here.

I got to the market in the middle of town on Tuesday. It felt much further away than it really was. The downtown part of Würzburg is actually quite small, about the size of Fell’s Point and Canton together… but with way cooler stuff on ALL of the streets. No joke.

Natasha Beddingfield is totally my guilty pleasure music, and the reason stems from a song she did for one of my guilty pleasure movies: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Unwritten is an awesome song. It gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it.

Don’t judge me.

Lately I have become addicted to Bejeweled Blitz for the iPhone. I need to figure out how to turn off the facebook stories about it on my profile. I play it every morning on the bus and René and I totally play it together on the couch at night. I love the yoga music that plays in the background. It is WAY better than all of the options from Klax. Oh yes, I went there.
Germans will look and walk right through you on the street. It is an odd mix here of NYC and Germany: fashionable and just too cool overall. René says it’s the way that Franconians are, but I don’t have any other Germans to base that opinion off of. I am thankful that now I am not the only total bitch that ignores and looks through people on the street, but now this means I need to perfect my body-check a little. It’s been used on me a few times already, twice by old people with walkers… I’m not too down with touching/being touched by strangers. Under any circumstances.
My German class has a really weird dynamic that somehow seems to work really well. I wish I didn’t have to catch a bus right after class ended, or I would make sure to stand around and talk to people some more. Today I didn’t walk as much in the morning and instead got to class early in order to socialize. I like most of my classmates and between us we speak enough English and German to get by in conversation.
I really want to get to know the two Turkish girls, they are shy but are very nice and really interesting to me personally. They do the ‘married chick hair wrap and full body clothing cover’ like Orthodox Jewish ladies do.
I’ve come to the conclusion over these past two weeks that wrapping hair MAKES it something erotic, not the other way around… I’ve never been so interested in anyone’s hair color as I am with theirs. hahah. I might just like to see the rules getting broken, though: you only see their hair when the wrap gets too loose.
Taking German class 5x per week is starting to make my initial spelling/writing of English words pretty atrocious. So far I have stopped myself from the horrid unnecessary capitalization of nouns and spelling errors that I have begun to make; hopefully it stays that way. I can understand why people feel the need to ‘hold on’ to their own language. If it weren’t for my constant blogging, I’d be really concerned about losing my own.
That’s about it:) Except for the recent discovery that I use the word ‘actually’ far too often. I edited out 7 unneeded uses from this blog alone.
Oh, and I can’t believe how many people do the Black Friday thing. After working for years in retail, you couldn’t pay off my college loans in order to get me into a store today. I don’t even like hitting the malls on a normal weekend, too many people even then. So kudos if you can handle it, I think.
I prefer to shop online and give gift cards.
Good night:) xo
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