Thinking a lot about food lately

Posted on 24.11.2009


René and I have been doing a LOT of GF/DF cooking lately. Like, ALL GF/DF cooking.

Since I’ve started my language classes, I’ve been tempted by the über cheap bakery on the corner far too many times. I’m still working out the bringing lunch technique and we’re still working out the how-much-food-we-keep-in-the-house technique.
We generally shop for a week’s worth of food at a time, which includes ingredients for 2 dinners (that yield leftovers because everything is better the second day), breakfast and lunch all week. I keep forgetting to bring snacks with me because I keep forgetting to buy snacks. In the past 1.5 months that I have been here, my ‘snacks’ have consisted of chocolate and basalmic flavored potato chips. Way to stay away from the saturated fat, right?
Last week I found a GF bakery, which is awesome (and close), but there weren’t a lot of GF snacks, just a lot of bread options. Also, I don’t want to spend $2 a day on snacks. I know that the answer to this issue is to buy and consume (happily) a lot more fruits and veggies. Because right now, overall, we’ve been slacking in that department.
I’ve been seriously contemplating and planning my little GF/DF cookbook project and it occurred to me that I may not be using wholly GF/DF recipes. So I went online and did a search tonight. The findings: great! It turns out that just about ALL corn tortillas are naturally GF, so there is a good start:) It appears that a lot of companies still use wheat in their seasoning packets, but in the past year the wheat has started to show up on the ingredients lists (or at least as a note that this product contains wheat). Even better. I would still like to find a good recipe on how to make burrito or enchilada seasoning from scratch.
In the past 3 weeks, almost every recipe we have made has contained Quinoa. I don’t want to make a book full of Quinoa recipes (…or DO I???) but am at something of a loss with what else to add. I think that I will have to convert a lot of old favorites in order to make a cookbook that I will want to use repeatedly or give to others… This will be good for me, since there are a lot of recipes that I have had for years and just can’t live without. It should be noted that I don’t think that a suitable substitute could ever be made for broccoli casserole. And don’t go suggesting one to me unless you’ve had my dad’s and know better.
Most of the recipes we’ve done/loved so far have been really easy and didn’t take a lot of time. That makes us love them even more.
It should also be noted that there are far more recipes for GF/DF BAKING than for actual dinners. I know that meat and veggies is GF/DF and super easy, but it gets boring. Sigh. Creations aplenty ahead.
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