great horoscope, just when I needed to read it

Posted on 24.11.2009


I’ve been trying to write an article for the JNK seiryu for a while about training in this martial art and having a disability. It has not been easy. I keep stopping myself midway because of my own insecurities while training.

I KNOW that I should listen to my body, take it easy and not push myself into relapse.
I KNOW that I cannot expect to have the strength that I had before the two relapses this summer so soon after coming back.
I KNOW that I shouldn’t get frustrated with myself for getting tired, or achy, or overheating midway through practice.

But I am human and I am guilty of the same things everyone else is. I just don’t think it’s right to write about getting past that when I am not feeling it or practicing it myself at 100%.

Then, this comes to my inbox, c/o of my favorite astrologer:
Do you know what you’re really worth? Not as measured by your bank accounts and luxurious possessions. Not as reflected by your boss’s or parents’ or enemies’ images of you. Not as distorted by what you wish you were worth or fear you’re not worth. I’m talking about taking an illusion-free inventory of the skills you have that are fulfilling to you and useful to others. I’m talking about your wisdom more than your knowledge, your self-love more than your popularity, your ability to *be* good more than to *look* good.

Noted. Thanks.

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