Re: Express jeans

Posted on 21.11.2009


I got on the computer with the intent of writing a heated letter to Express. This came out instead. I think I might be too nice.

To whom it may concern: I have been a loyal Express customer for over 10 years. I love Express’ clothing, marketing, music and overall branding plan.

I am writing this letter with a large amount of concern and sadness. On August 23, I purchased a new pair of Express Jeans. I believe there were the Eva, W31 flare or bootcut in Dark Blue, size 8 short. I currently own THREE pairs of the same style/make jeans in different colors, size 6 short.

I purchased the pair of size 8’s because I was recovering from a medical issue that left me 10 lbs overweight and in need of a fitting pair until the weight could come back off. I had a wonderful experience at the Towson, MD store with an employee that was sensitive to this issue and not overly pushy with suggestions.

Unfortunately, I have not had a wonderful experience with the newest pair of jeans. I have already lost the 10 lbs (and more! great!) and have continued to love and wear this pair. As of last week, I owned them for 3 months.

I am careful with my clothes. I learned a long time ago that too many trips through the dryer will ruin clothing and make them wear out faster than if washed and dried properly. I can guarantee that these jeans were washed and cared for in the best way possible.

Somehow, though, in the course of THREE MONTHS, this new pair of size 8’s has already ripped. Because of my consistent weight LOSS over the past 3 months, I am certain this did not happen because the jeans were too tight. This bothers me greatly, because as I stated earlier, I currently have three pairs of size 6 Eva’s that are easily 2 years old. None of them have ripped yet and they have managed to sustain the same amount of (if not FAR MORE) wear on a near-daily basis.

I loved Express jeans. They are the only jeans that fit me perfectly. Express’ colors, length and style options have always left me loads of room for experimentation.

This problem leads me to believe that maybe Express has changed it’s manufacturing standards. I sincerely hope this is not the case and that I just got a ‘bad pair’. However, because of this recent issue, I’m afraid I am no longer confident in purchasing Express jeans.

Thank you, ~G
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