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Posted on 19.11.2009


There is a lot going on. And by a lot, I mean an ok amount that seems like a lot in comparison to what I did for most of last month:)

I’m currently redesigning a friend’s resumé. I say ‘redesigning’ because from what I understand there was a resumé already in existence but it wasn’t doing it’s job. So now I am making a new one:) It’s fun and challenging. Honestly, the only part I’ve had issues with is choosing a typeface. I’m tempted to ask said friend if he’d like to purchase a typeface from Veer, but that is kind of asking a lot since the friend is asking me to redo a resumé and therefore most likely jobless.
My German classes are going really well. I am leaving that decision open to changes through next week. I finished day 4 today and already feel a LOT more confident in my speech. My day goes like this:
Wake up with René
Get ready/leave/Bus into Würzburg
Arrive 1 hour early, spend said hour walking as far as I can in 35/40 minutes before turning around and heading back to class, picking up a hot tea along the way
2 breaks
Class ends
Back on the bus to Kleinrinderfeld
Not too bad:) I’m home by about 3:45 and spend the few hours before René gets home getting stuff done, like some housework, homework and reading. And today I tried out my new GERMAN home-wax kit. It is awesome. Love it. Thank goodness for sugar wax.
The class is precisely the UN meeting I expected (plus some): 2 Americans, 3 Turkish, 1 Scott, 1 Israeli, 1 Kenyan, 1 Indian, 1 Russian, 1 Pole and and 1 Canadian. It’s a really good group and I am really enjoying getting to know everyone and learning about them. I sit in a row with Jeremy (the other American), Harsha (Indian) and Eylem (one of the Turkish women). Everyone in the class is, surprisingly, about the same age. It’s really great. The Scottish guy that sits behind me lives in my village, so we talk about that. He’s a biker. I’m jealous.
And I’m certain that I am at the head of the class for NOW. But that might change once we pass the point of my knowledge that is coming back amazingly quickly. Even though, as we progress, I am concerned that there is no way one is able to hold a full conversation after this two month German 1 course. I am afraid that I might need to take German 2, another 2 months, but I’m remaining optimistic and hoping for the best.
On my 45 minute walks in the morning, so far I’ve found a ton of bakeries, accidentally found the natural food store I was looking for, and a lot of clothing stores. And lots of cheap clothes and accessories on the street that I want to buy, but know better.
I’ve had bread for the past 4 days. Little things, like a pretzel here and a croissant there as I’ve been figuring out how to transport the right amount of food to class with me. I feel really heavy this past week (I had a lot of Gluten while in Belgium as well, there was no avoiding it) and am hoping to get back to fully non-gluten and not so sluggish. I can’t wait till the excess has left my body and I can go back to feeling lighter and energetic. I know this is transition and that may be why I’m feeling a bit odd, but if that is the case then I will be used to it by next week. Here’s hoping.
My training has been coming along really well, even though I still get frustrated with myself because I have my expectations set a bit too high for someone that is really JUST getting back into a swing with training. Last night we went over Ikkyu (brown belt) materials and now I am thoroughly confused, and need to email Amanda before really jumping into that part of my training.
All of my usual aches and pains from Baltimore seem to have vanished. My knees barely hurt at all, I don’t get winded, and really the only thing that gets me (still) every time is the ninja-knee-walking, as I like to call it. Something about continually putting that much pressure/movement through my knees makes every nerve in my legs go crazy. Even my lower back has been feeling better, which is a total plus.
I can absolutely feel my strength coming back. Especially in my arms. I’ll attribute that to both lots of climbing and kihon toho in the mornings:)
I got a sweet iTunes gift card for my birthday and got the following with it:
Viva Voce: Lovers Lead the Way! + The Heat Can Melt Your Brain
Air France: No Way Down
M83: Saturdays = Youth
And I will start listening to them tomorrow on my bus rides, now that I have located and packed my headphones for the iPod. I have so much amazing music on my ‘pod right now, it’s like it’s not even mine. Thank you to everyone that has supplied me with music in the last few months:) As soon as I buy some webspace I will be making playlists available for download. I think this is going to be the way things are form now on, since I only got to give out half of the Maneaters CDs before leaving and this whole postage thing is a real pain from across the pond. But the good news is, now anyone that wants music from me can have it without even having to ask:) I’ll be posting the links as they happen:)
I miss everyone and Baltimore a lot, but I am loving life here.
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