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Posted on 13.11.2009


I’m down to 132.4 today. This is the lightest I have been since, well… at least 2006.

I’m starting to get concerned. Because weight loss was never this easy. I’ve said before that I am sure a lot of that had to do with me not following the GF/DF diet strictly and since I was under a lot of stress, my body was retaining safety weight. Your body does that, for the record.
So I’m not concerned in a ‘for my health’ kind of way. I’m scared that the scale is lying, or the battery is going, and that in a week it will tell me I am back at 143 regardless of how I feel. I know that I look and feel different. I know that I can fit into my skinny express sweater and my size 6 jeans again (two items I seriously packed because I was being optimistic and not because they fit well) and am actually looking decent in skinny jeans. It’s just hard to believe that after a few years of being plateaued around 140, the weight is falling off. I’m super happy about it, just scared to be excited about it.
Along the same lines, I rocked out at the climbing gym last night. I’ve been working on these two routes that are somewhat hard for me.
There are 5 ratings in the boulder room, so we’ll say that 1 is the lowest and 5 is the hardest. I’m climbing around a 2.5/3 lately.
The first route is a very high-reaching 2 called Warm-Up. Honestly, I feel like a lot of my issues with this one stem from me still being a little afraid of falling from high up. This one is the highest I have been (suspended) over the mats. I made it one more move last night. I’m now one move from the top. This one requires a lot of upper body strength, as it slopes out and up from the start and you’re required to anchor yourself to the wall in order to get higher. So, that was exciting. The jump down and landing were pretty smooth too, even though it took me about a minute to mentally prepare before dropping (since I was only hanging from my hands)
The second route is in the photos I posted, where I am literally hanging parallel to the ground. It is rated a 3. Can’t remember what it is called. I’ve been stuck at what I believe is ‘the defining move’ of the climb, the one that makes it, in fact, a 3 rather than a 2. It requires you to reach a hold that will ultimately make you swing/fall/hang from where you had your feet in order to get the next handle. I got that one last night. From there, I have to use my upper body strength to pull myself up to the next move.
So, absolute progress was made. I even climbed a few 2’s and 3’s that had smaller grips, which is something I have been loathe to do since getting back into the swing of things. But it turns out I am pretty good at them, because I have these small carny hands (holds up hands like in the BK commercial).
This is related to the weight thing because I wondered last night (after making progress on both routes) if I was making progress because I am regaining upper body strength, or because I am dropping so much weight that I am finding it easier to pull myself around/up. I’ve come to the conclusion that if I have to wonder between the two, chances are it is probably both.
I’m still working on rebuilding my confidence and committing to making the hard moves even if I fall. It helps that the floor is padded and as long as I keep telling myself that, I will keep attempting the hard moves. The floor is padded, the floor is padded…
In regards to climbing: it appears that resistance is futile: painting my nails is a done deal when it comes to the boulder room. I have cut them as short as I can stand and I am still chipping polish off of the tips after every session. We climb 3x per week. Totally futile.
Although, this might change once I get mail from Kristi, who has so thoughtfully sent me a bottle of the most amazing base/top coat IN EXISTENCE (Sally Hansen for anyone that is interested) That stuff is bullet proof. So much better than my OPI (which is totally getting that old sticky dry texture to it). I’m going to give myself a paint when it comes and do a test run at the gym. If it fails, I will resign myself to clear polish and be ok with that. For most of the time.
We have really been LOVING the food we’ve made in the past month. So much so, that we are already planning to make a few things again.
In response to a few friends that have asked, I’ve decided that it is finally time to make that cookbook that I’ve been planning for years… it just now will be full of recipes that are GF/DF, but which can be converted to regular really easily. I’ve got a lot of recipes that I still want to try out before putting the book together, but I think it will be nice to have/make and maybe give to friends and sell to others (courtesy of Blurb, the book printing site I’ll be using).
Before I had too many recipes and not enough time. Now, we’re going through my cookbook and the recipes I have saved/downloaded (thank you Mallory for FoodGawker and Baking Beauties!!!) and trying everything.
So far, the recipes that have definitely made the cut:
My personal (and very authentic) Italian marinara sauce. Oh yes. It is DF if you don’t add the parmesan.
Quinoa with asian flavors
Curried Quinoa and Ground Turkey roasted red peppers
Turkey + Corn tacos/fajitas (whatever you want them to be)
Herbed mashed potatoes (made with rice milk and DF butter)
I still have a lot more to try, and still need to get to the dessert/baking section. Dinner is the most functional thing for me, so I am thinking that I can just make it about dinners and sides and that would be enough. Yes? Maybe?
I will keep you posted on how that turns out. For now I have two other books to make, and am excited to get them done this month:)
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