Design (-job)-related

Posted on 13.11.2009


One of my favorite things to do for people is make their resumé look great.

I’ve been on the hiring side of a few jobs, and I know what a lot of places are looking for and how to properly word a resumé so that the right people take notice. Also, I’m a designer. I love me some organization. I love to decorate a page (Rosemary would kill me for that. Or laugh).
I’m saying this because it should be known. I’m also saying this so friends that may be looking for jobs know that I can help them. Further, I’m also saying this so those friends know that I won’t charge a lot. At all. I just want to do it and want the work.
So, if you happen to be looking for a job or are working on making a resumé for future job hunts, let me know. Shoot me a message and we will talk. That’s all 🙂
Friends helping friends. Novel.
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