How to order Sashimi auf Deutsch?

Posted on 11.11.2009



If I’m at a Sushi restaurant in Germany, and I am trying to order Sashimi, how do I do that?
This sounds really strange, I know. We went out for Sushi with Oliver and Kathrin over the weekend. It was a new place that had just opened, and we were there on a Saturday night, which may have been a mistake. I think maybe we got stuck with a waitress that didn’t understand German, English or Japanese. I am not sure what that leaves for her to speak, when she is working in a Sushi restaurant in Germany. I have a few guesses.
For the record: I really just enjoy the fish. I don’t need them to be on balls of rice. I feel like rolls are sometimes a waste because there is so much rice, you don’t totally taste everything and you fill up so fast. When you’re going for protein content, sashimi is really your best bet (or something from the grill). I usually just order 6-8 pieces of sashimi and then a bowl of sushi rice on the side, so I can eat it when I want rather than fighting to keep the ball of rice together when I take a bite of the fish. It really all just boils down to me being lazy and loving some raw fish. Chirashi works too. I love it. There was no Chirashi on the menu.
At this particular restaurant, there was no sashimi menu. This is usually the case, because most people just order from the Nigiri menu and then say ‘as sashimi, please’. One thing I have to say I love about Sushi restaurants (anywhere) in Germany is that I can already read the menu. Perfectly. Because even if there is a German description, it is sitting right next to the Japanese name. This means that my favorite food is the same in every language, effectively.
I ordered everything with the Japanese names (Maguro, Unagi, Tamago). She didn’t understand me, so I read off the German names (Tunafisch, ??, Ei) and pointed to their place on the menu. She seemed ok with that. I asked for them to be Sashimi rather than Nigiri and I don’t think she understood that either ‘Sashimi, bitte’). Some fast talking between her, me and RenĂ© ensued and I honestly have no idea what was said, I just know that I pretty much said nevermind and ate the Nigiri as it came.
I’ve been searching ‘how to order sushi in German’ online today and have come up with nothing except an angry discussion on Toytown centering around an Asian guy that is bitching about how Germans eat sushi, a few videos that are satire, and a few sites that have German sushi restaurant reviews.
So, I’m officially stumped on this one. Anyone from Germany have any thoughts? Or anywhere?
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