Things I have learned while searching CL today…

Posted on 04.11.2009


I’ve searched the Baltimore, DC, Boston, LA, Chicago and Austin pages. These are my findings:

All brides are on a budget for their wedding photographers but expect AT LEAST a coffee table book of the images from you (ftr: they are NOT cheap to make).
People all over the US can’t tell you the difference between Where, We’re and Were.
NO ONE appears to know how to use spell check. Really? Do you expect people to take you seriously when you can’t even spell the words ‘portfolio’, ‘agreeable’ or ‘compensation negotiable’??? Does no one recognize the dotted red line below these words that is now standard in just about every word entry/editor block?
In every city there are no less than five ads for ‘glamour models: adult photo shoot’ which offer little to no pay. As an artist, model, photographer: if you think people don’t know you are selling these or whacking off to them, you are mistaken!!!
Everyone thinks that design and photography should be given for free to the client in return for credit lines, links to websites and ‘portfolio experience’, my favorite.
I’m all for using ‘the economy’ as an excuse to save money… but just because you can’t imagine or figure out how to do it yourself doesn’t mean it should be given to you for free!
Sorry for the rant. My eyes are getting tired.
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