For the record

Posted on 03.11.2009


I am terrified doing this job search.

Will they require me to speak fluent German?
Will they even respond to an email written in English?
Do they care about my BFA?
Do they not want to hire Americans?
Why does the FT offer have to be a 2 hour train ride away?
What if no one hires me, then my visa is only to live and not to work, then I have to apply later for a work allowance… ug!
Where are all of the awesome jobs I wanted while working the ones I was good at? Music engineer for DMX. Paid blogger. Art gallery attendant. Photographer for a newspaper.
I’m totally ok with going back to being a barista/server. I just wonder if those jobs require a visa as well? Should I just start walking into random café’s and asking to get hired? This VISA stuff feels like such a hassle and I hope that it ends up being easier than I think it is. I am psyching myself out over this the way I do over websites.
I would really like to continue teaching. I could teach English. And take German courses at the SAME TIME!!! If that isn’t the best-case scenario, I don’t know what is.
Luck, please.
It’s not supposed to be easy. If baseball was easy, everyone would play it.
There’s no crying in baseball.
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