No one is as interested in (what you are doing/talking about) as you are. Always remember that.

Posted on 01.11.2009


This one’s about the kids.

Sorry, I’m on a roll lately.
As per the usual; to all of my friends that are parents: I love you and your kids. This is about all of the parents and kids that I don’t know and am not required to love…
It is understandable to me that you don’t want to give up your ENTIRE life to sit at home and enjoy every waking moment of your child’s life. I understand that you, as an adult, need to get out and do things that may or may not hold some sort of particular meaning or entertainment value.
I also understand that if you are paying upwards of $300 per year for a gym membership, the chances are high that you might be able to afford $10 for an hour or two for a babysitter.
Yes, bonding with the kids (in public) is fun! And yes, kids need to be socialized outside of their playgroups and school. They need to be socialized with people that are willing to socialize with them.
When I go to the climbing gym, I am not going because I want to socialize with your kids.
I understand that the boulder room is fun, and colorful, and comes with padded floors. That doesn’t mean you should let your kids run wild and unattended while you try to work out some boulder problems. It means you should drop them downstairs in the CHILDREN’S AREA where they can be supervised by a responsible adult.
Kids running around in the boulder room (UNATTENDED) run the risk of being kicked, fallen upon, or knocking someone off of the wall. All of this without people even meaning to do it. What we usually want to do when this happens is far worse, FYI.
Trust me, no one thinks your kid looks as cute in climbing shoes as you do. No one thinks it’s cute when your kids nearly gets crushed by a climber that is jumping or falling down from a finished or hard route. No one thinks it’s cute when your kid starts climbing a route that someone is on.
Having kids is a fun, life-changing experience. Those of us that don’t have them may not necessarily want them or like them. It is not fair to subject everyone to your idea of cute, awesome, awe-inspiring. If you can’t keep an eye on the kid, please do the rest of the world a favor and leave them at home.
Note to self: no more climbing on Sundays unless it is past bedtime. Ug. It was like romper room in there today. Lesson learned.
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